Playing the Percentages

50%+ of those individuals who comprise American society pay little or no taxes and are almost totally reliant upon the government for the basic necessities of life by receiving some form(s) of federal aid.

These are facts produced and provided by the federal government itself.

We can be drawn to several different conclusions about this situation.

One possible option is that those who control government believe that certain human beings do not have the cognitive skills and abilities necessary to survive in a modern, technological, age and, therefore, must be cared for; like a shepherd tends a flock. The Bell Curve — they believe — is static, not dynamic. Most people will never be successful. You are fated to your level of intelligence – or lack thereof. Like bad luck and cancer, according to the experts…

Another possible option could be that the government — particularly the governing power — believes that it can maintain its grip on that power by simply placating these people, much like the ancient Romans did in providing tribute to the barbarians in an effort to stave off invasion, anarchy, and chaos. The 50%+ are then docile and under control.

Another possibility is that the leadership  (e.g., religious, political, racial, ethnic, or cultural) of the 50%+ constantly informs the 50%+ that they have no hope of improvement, no pathway to success, no opportunities to succeed and — given this mindset — the 50%+ simply settles back to be looked after, devoid of all hope. They mindlessly spend their government money (usually with businesses aligned with the ruling elite) and they will vote — always for the status quo championed by the ruling elite.

The Bell Curve — another school of thought believes — is dynamic, not static, and anyone within the 50%+ can improve themselves and succeed in life – if they try. If they can muster the necessary will in the face of the constant propaganda from their own leaders.

A final possibility is that certain people have recognized the intrinsic weakness of any Democracy – which is that the majority does indeed rule (especially if you deliberately ignore the fact America is supposed to be a Republic). If you cleverly manipulate the people by creating dependencies, division, envy, and strife, you can direct the ire of the 50%+ toward those who have achieved hard-earned success in the society. “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs” sounds so compassionate, so caring, so progressive — and yet it is simply Communism.

In the scenario outlined above, there are political interests intent only on power, and they will gradually attempt to push that 50%+ figure up to 60% and above. A relentless voting majority that cannot be overcome. You then have – much like a cancer — succeeded in overwhelming the host. State control. The Collective. The Hive. The Commune. Mediocrity. More takers than producers. Chaos.

Finally — there are those who tend to think that every person who is in business is evil. People who think this have allowed the corporate greed of an evil few to taint the decent many. The unrestrained pursuit of profit without morality and ethics is evil. Enlightened capitalism, conducted within the boundaries set by morality and ethics, can achieve great things — but only if the dream of such great things is not vilified by those who seek only to manipulate and control the 50%+ to their advantage.

Profit is not evil — but improper pathways to reach it are.

You have to decide which of these situations is true – and in which percentage you find yourself.

The most important thing, however, is for you to decide what you think your government actually believes. Their actions will speak volumes — pay attention.