I was on Twitter for a short while but, after a careful examination, I quit. It just struck me that doing the Tweet thing was like watching thousands – millions – of people performing mental masturbation. Once that imagery was in my head, I gave up on communicating in 144 characters to reach all the DDA people. Worse part – I’m one of those people!

Or, to put it another way –

4COL, WCA — I mean LABATYD, so WTF, it’s JMO but WGAS, YKWIM? Anyway, I think it was AFT and TYHI. *

You feelin’ me, dawg?


Why is it that people who commit horrific murder sprees – with any weapon – are invariably described by their neighbors as “gentle,” ”quiet,” “loner,” or that they “seemed like such a nice person.” I’m thinking that if these are clues to aberrant behavior, then my neighborhood is a dangerous place full of such people!


Batteries and AC adapters have to be one of worst scams ever perpetrated on the American public. Think about it – you have all these devices that rely on batteries that simply don’t last for crap, forcing you to buy more batteries. And – over time – you also end up with a boxes full of AC adapters, which are only worth a damn if you have an electrical outlet. Hey, plug it into the car, assuming you’re in the stinking car. Or, get rechargeable batteries. Yeah, they don’t suck much, and you still need an electrical outlet. Or, use the solar charge version. Puke – great if you have 10 hours of sun to charge the effing things. The year is 2014 and no one can invent a decent battery!? Or – more likely – why would anyone want to? Then they can’t make billions selling you freaking batteries.


“…if truth is too complex and frightening; the taste for the truth is an acquired taste that few acquire.” — Martin Buber, Philosopher, (1878 — 1965)


How fickle are pirates — the difference between a friend and a fiend is just an “r.” Think about it.


I was listening to some radio special and on comes Franklin D. “Mr. Progressive” Roosevelt’s statement where he says “…the only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.” What a load of horse crap that is. There was plenty to fear back in FDR’s day (and ours) – a great many very real and tangible things – and to say you only have “fear” to worry about is like saying it’s all in your head. Just think nice thoughts and it will all be okay. Let the State handle it – don’t worry, be happy. What an unmitigated manipulator – no wonder the modern-day Progressives love the guy – they don’t want you to fear them or their policies – just fear the fear. Better yet, just smoke that doob and smile the fear away.


I’m sorry, but I find it terribly amusing to hear the global warming people rant about their beliefs. They will mock religious faith and tell you with absolute certainty that God does not exist, yet embrace completely inconclusive and non-substantive evidence about global warming and defend it as absolute truth. Consider this — if you think global warming affects all weather, good or bad, then you don’t believe; you worship. You are a fanatic, a zealot, a jihadi, a sycophant – at least be honest with yourself.


Speaking of global warming, try this. If you truly worship at the altar of global warming, then hold your breath for ten minutes. This will reduce carbon emissions and have a stimulating positive effect on the general cognitive functioning levels of the human population.


“Freedom of Choice” only means that we protect the freedom to make choices in an environment where such choices are not coerced or forced. Choices have consequences for each individual (bad or good) — and those outcomes are not protected…


“…a civilization that feels guilty for everything it is and does will lack the energy and conviction to defend itself.” — Jean-François Revel

If you are unfamiliar with Jean-François Revel, then you need to educate yourself with this man and his ideas. Do the due. Diligence.


“The first method for estimating the intelligence of a leader is to look at the people around him.” — N Machiavelli


A real leader follows the rules within the organization he or she leads and energizes people to do the same. That is what makes him or her a true “ruler.” A tyrant – lacking such collective support – uses individual mandate and personal fiat to circumvent the rules and coerce people to follow.


Read this — it is short, but very “sweet” — Henry David Thoreau (July 12, 1817 – May 6, 1862) — his essay on Civil Disobedience. Check the link at http://www.walden.org/Library/About_Thoreau%27s_Life_and_Writings:_The_Research_Collections/Civil_Disobedience


You cannot grant amnesty for overtly illegal acts when legal procedures were available to avoid the outcome of the illegal action. A citizen is not merely a warm body – it is someone who understands, adopts, and believes in the values of the society they are entering as citizens. You shed your old life for a new one — that is not happening.


Consider the mass-market music, film, and entertainment industries. Not teaching. Not educating. Not informing. Just catering to the barbarians to make a buck. Talk about abusing the EM waves to pick the pockets of stupid people. Sad.


Am I the only one who has noticed that vanilla wafers are half their normal size? And some chocolate maker wants to sell you chocolate with air holes blown into it. To enhance the taste? Really? You’re going to give me LESS chocolate, call it wonderful, and then charge me more money!? Are we idiots? Don’t answer that.


I’m lost. I just heard “thug” cannot be used in polite conversation. Same for “fag.” Neither word has – in etymological actuality — any connection whatsoever to the people apparently irritated by these words. The historical basis of those words is long-established and it has nothing to do with the groups complaining so loudly and vociferously. Sad.


* For the text-messaging impaired this means: “For crying out loud, who cares anyway – I mean life’s a bitch and then you die, so what the fudge, it’s just my opinion and who gives a scat, you know what I mean? Anyway, I think it was about freaking time and there you have it.”


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