Most people love cats or dogs. Maybe birds.

Shoot, even reptiles. Snakes. Hamsters. Gerbils. (Seriously, gerbils?)

I love the dung beetle.

I know, it just seems so wrong. I think the immediate response of most people has to be “huh,” or some more colorful derivation thereof.

A great many people simply stare at me blank-faced and ask, “why?”

Good question.

Let me slip on my pointy pontificating hat and ponder.

Pause for just a wavering moment and contemplate what the dung beetle accomplishes.

It takes what we regard as an absolutely repellent by-product of living (e.g., scat, poop, excrement, fecal matter, sh*t) and instead of stepping gingerly around it and moving on, the dung beetle labors feverishly to accumulate, organize into a spherical shape and roll the “fruits of its labor” back to his or her abode.

Where the dung beetle uses said ball of smelly goo to feed and raise its young. Thereby allowing the lowly dung beetle to replicate, survive, and subdue its world.

The dung beetle is an awesome role model.

Here’s why –>

Think about how much crap all of us deal with on a daily basis.

It might come from our boss, from our clients, from our co-workers, from our spouse, from our friends, from our relatives, from our Internet social media “followers,” from mainstream media, from non-mainstream media.

Generally, from the Cosmos as a whole.

In fact, someone, somewhere, at one time went full frontal dung beetle and made a lot of money with a simple bumper sticker that merely states the dung beetle motto – “Sh*t Happens.” For the sake of a more genteel discussion, we will use the less offensive term “poo” so as not to offend the Internet’s automated word censors.

Having reflected on the success of the dung beetle, I am immensely happy that poo happens.

Poo gives us opportunities – in life for sure, but especially in business. It doesn’t matter whether you are in business for yourself, or are an employee of another. The poo of someone else is your opportunity to make yourself useful and valuable, because you can step in, locate the client’s or employer’s poo, organize it, shape it into a nice little ball, and roll it away.

Best of all – you get paid for dealing with their poo.

The next time poo happens to you – regardless of the source – make a careful evaluation of how you can turn a disgusting by-product of living into something useful and valuable.

Never be afraid to implement a solution that others seem doubtful about.

The ensuing success may just surprise the poo out of you.

Oh, and please buy a copy of Exophobe, my novel, which is sort of my ball of poo. Hmm… That doesn’t sound altogether right — but go read it!!!


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