“This book gave me a thousand natural shocks. My outrageous good fortune to read it!”

An anonymous Dane


“I had no will to power off my reading device whilst absorbing Exophobe.”

— Friedrich Nietzsche



Martin Heidegger


“A good read. Yet, all is nada. Nada I say. I’d rather be hunting.”

— Ernest H.


“I would storm the gates of the infernus to get a copy.”

— Durante degli Alighieri


“Down the lane in prostrated ulation. Castigated as winds from bipsy bopsy gods. A book is the book of a book. Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em.”

— James Joyce


“I will represent myself and say that the author is not wholly rational.”

—A. Schopenhauer


“I never liked Baltimore, but I liked Exophobe. You can quoth me on that.”

— E.A.P.


In Exophobe, I believe Enoch has found a Fifth Way.

— P.D. Ouspensky


I had my doubts at first, but I am now happy with Exophobe, I think…

— Descartes


“Reading Exophobe can make you either happy or miserable. The amount of effort required is the same.”

— Carlos Castenada


“It felt like I was meant to read this book. I dreamed about it.”

— Jung


“I found a typo.”

— an editor potty-trained with a whip


“It scared the me out of me.”

— Charles Dickens.


“I am so glad I purchased this tome. It was my finest hour.”

— Winston C.


“You can’t read it unless you’re conscious, and you can’t be conscious unless you read it.”

— the other Winston (think Orwell)


Exophobe drove me to drink. I haven’t thanked the author yet.”

— W.C. Fields


“I like this book, but I still hate quantum mechanics.”

— Albert


“I was going to pen a wonderful review, but I’m tired and will think about it tomorrow.”

— Margaret Mitchell


“It had so many big words!”

— Winnie. A pooh.


“On my oath, I enjoyed this book.”

— Hippocrates


“It damaged my calm.”

— Jayne


“Another bourgeoisie attempt to exploit the proletariat; but I liked it.”

— Karl


“Karl is full of crap; I did all the hard work. I liked the book as well.”

— Engels


“Veni, vidi, vendor – I came, I saw, I bought a copy.”

— Caesar


“You can ‘count’ me in – I liked the book. And pronounce my name correctly!”

— Alexander Dumas


“He could have described tables better.”

— F. Dostoyevsky


“As I read the book, I was at war with my feelings, but now I am at peace.”

— Leo T.


“I can’t make you do anything, but your mother would want you to read it.”

— Sigmund F.



— Enoch M.

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