Transcript of remarks made by Dr. Juan Masterson, First Director for the National Institute for Neuro-Rehabilitation (NINR), delivered at the inaugural meeting of the Global Consortium for the Benefit of Humanity.

Let me start my expressing my honor at being asked to make the keynote address at this first of many meetings involving concerned leaders from around the world. I know all of you are most anxious to hear of the progress we have made at NINR.

I trust I will not disappoint. {Polite applause.}

When I was appointed as First Director to run the newly established National Institute of Neuro-Rehabilitation, the Supreme Guardian of the People gave me a mandate to cope with a rising tide of aberrant behavior in our society, especially as it related to the administration of the People’s State. The urban slang term, “Thought Police” is often applied to us, but we do not care what you think. We do not care what you say to your life partner. We only care when your aberrant thoughts leave your head and are published on the Network or spoken in public, and thus become an aberrant reality. {Murmurs of agreement from assemblage.}

The cohesive, coherent and harmonizing influence of the all-embracing State is what melds our great society together into a wonderful whole, and aberrant reality has no place in such a society. {Loud applause.}

The State cannot create harmony and peace when it is constantly being criticized. Those among us who cannot contain their aberrant thoughts within themselves must be rehabilitated. {Louder applause.}

It has been a long and difficult process to arrive at the proper form of treatment, and it critical to your appreciation of the situation to understand that our primary focus is rehabilitation and not punishment, even though in some extreme cases the latter course of action must be the one selected.

As many of you will recall, the first attempts at neuro-rehab were through neurological cleansing. It was theorized that draining the brain chemistry and then replenishing it with new fluids would erase improper memories and change disruptive thought pathways. Sadly, this approach only turned the subjects into illiterate and babbling specimens whose infantile brains left them without even the most rudimentary skills. The program was terminated, along with many of the unfortunate subjects. {Some nervous audience laughter.}

The next treatment protocol to gain favor was neurological reformatting. The hypothesis was that constant exposure to proper State-approved educational and entertainment content along with reinforced non-aberrant behavior through a program of social rewards, combined with a regimen of appropriate drugs, would change the brain chemistry and establish new pathways of thought.

One of the primary factors for this hypothesis gaining credibility was that memories are media events. That is to say, they are sensory events triggered by some form of media (i.e., primarily by electromagnetic wave manipulation of light and sound). Control the media and thus dictate the memory. {Murmurs of audience agreement.}

To our delight, this method of neurological rehabilitation provided startling results. Subjects were able, after several months of continual exposure to controlled media events, to be rehabilitated in whatever fashion the treatment protocol proscribed.

It was a huge success. {Muted applause from the audience.}

Well, as we now know, not really. It was a huge success in a controlled environment where the subjects had no access to other media that contraindicated or contradicted our message.

This unfortunate outcome was only discerned after a number of subjects – marked as fully rehabilitated – were released back into society and were then somehow exposed to unauthorized media messaging which began to erode our successful neurological reformatting accomplished with State-mandated media messaging.

The initial conclusion was that neurological reformatting had limited applications within closed or semi-closed and controlled environments, assuming such environments could be constructed or maintained. Since that last factor is difficult to assure, we were considering abandoning the concept of neurological reformatting.

I am extremely pleased to report that the research team I led provided the breakthrough needed to make neurological reformatting a permanent treatment protocol for aberrant behavior. {Very loud and prolonged applause.}

It was simply a matter of controlling neurotransmitters.

As you are well aware, there are a number of active chemicals in the brain that assist in neurological functionality. Some are important, but only a few are critical.

Here is a somewhat over-simplified, but useful outline:

Dopamine can be regarded as the primary modulating agent for physical endurance; serotonin can be considered the primary agent of psychological well-being, and norepinephrine is the main modulating element of focused thinking and mental clarity.

My foundational hypothesis was that if we could suppress norepinephrine (also called noradrenaline (NA) or noradrenalin) in the brain after neurological reformatting, the subjects would not relapse into aberrant behavior such as criticizing the Supreme Guardian of the People’s State or other important functionaries. {Agitated murmurs of agreement from audience.}

To our amazement – in rehabilitated subjects who underwent additional treatment with our new chemical supplement – there was no reversal of our induced change in neuro-pathways, even when shown strong anti-State media messaging. {Sounds of astonishment from audience.}

There was a small downside, as all subjects experienced a significant decline in cognitive ability due to the suppression of norepinephrine. Testing revealed a loss of approximately 30 plus basis points on generalized intelligence tests. Since most of our subjects had average intelligence quotients of around 100, the net result was less than average, though fully functioning, intellects around 70 to 75. {Agitated conversation among audience members.}

When I shared these preliminary results with the Supreme Guardian of the People’s State, I was concerned he would find the declines in IQ unacceptable, but then he explained to me that it was actually a perfectly acceptable outcome.

Here is how our magnificent Supreme Guardian graciously explained it to me. {Hushed silence.}

Our great State-controlled industries utilize automation and robotics to produce all the goods required for our society to thrive and prosper. A minimal number of people are required to maintain the equipment, and they are all gifted individuals specially educated and trained for the task.

Since all goods and services are provided free of charge and there is no private property, the opportunity to eliminate uncertainty caused by the dissonance and discord of those who criticize the State cannot be dismissed simply because of treatment results which are not life-threatening.

The sacrifice of a few to further the success of the collective is much more important. {Very loud applause.}

It is dangerous anyway, the Supreme Guardian commented to me, if our Great Society has too many intelligent people. Such people (even after traditional neurological reformatting) are much more difficult to influence and control, as my original research at NINR clearly proved. My new supplement treatment meant such people could now be rendered incompetent and non-threatening on a permanent basis.

Besides, the Supreme Guardian laughed, minimizing the number of intelligent people in society assures that the elite who comprise the structural bureaucracy of the People’s State can continue to rule for the benefit of all. Those elite work hard and deserve better living conditions, additional fringe benefits and superior luxuries. Continual criticism of the State, regardless of its validity, will not be tolerated. It interferes with our ability to enjoy those conditions as we effectively rule the State. {Loud applause from the elite audience.}

I want to repeat what the Supreme Guardian said – “Continual criticism of the State, regardless of its validity, will not be tolerated.” {Smattering of confused applause.}

“Regardless of its validity. Regardless of its validity.” {A few angry shouts from the audience.}

I cannot permit neurological reformatting to become permanent and lower the intelligence of human beings. I have posted on the Network the formula for a chemical treatment that will completely neutralize the chemical supplement we developed to suppress norepinephrine. {Loud boos and hisses; audience standing, throwing items at the podium. Men in uniforms start to run in from the left and right of the stage.}

A State that cannot tolerate legitimate criticism does not deserve to survive.

{Speaker offers no resistance as he is subdued and led off the stage.}

Transcript ends here.

Authentic resistance does not.

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