With all the craziness going on in American society, it’s no wonder my mind did a Dobie Gray and drifted away into thoughts about violence and mayhem. Not writing it down is just killing me…


It made me ponder our culture and the daily exposure to violent things.

Here goes something (or nothing):

Axe (deodorant)

Badass (TV series)

Bang (energy drink, game, slang for sex)

Bash (Unix shell and command language)

Belt (for pants or alcohol)

Batter (as in baseball and pancakes)

Blade (movie/comic book character)

Blast (Basic Local Alignment Search Tool)

Boom (comic book explosion, airplane, studio)

Burst (mobile video service)

Chop (stolen cars, steaks)

Chopped (a TV show)

Crack (cocaine and other things)

Crush (soft drink)

Cutter (bug spray)

Dagger (kayaks)

Destroyer (a Navy ship, rock band and comic book character)

Edge (shaving gel)

Eviscerate (Heroes of Warcraft spell)

Gash (slang term for female genitalia)

Hack (think computer)

Hammer (useful tool, fictional detective)

Hurt (awesome Trent Reznor song sung by Johnny Cash)

Impale (online game)

Impaler (Vlad)

Lance (national brand of baked goods)

Mace (the spray)

Maim (musical band)

Mangle (weird toy, laundry device)

Mangler (movie, software name)

Maul (Useful tool, sci-fi character)

Megadeth (heavy metal band)

OG (original gangster)

Pound (British money)

Pummel (online game, album title)

Ravage (wine)

Rent (something I’m late with on occasion)

Rip (pull songs from a CD or other source)

Ripped (weightlifting supplement)

Ripper (British slasher and tennis shot)

Sabre (tech company)

Scar (film character, actress nickname)

Shatter (high-potency marijuana)

Shredder (comic book character)

Slam (magazine, ball dunk, big hit in baseball)

Slash (Guns N’ Roses singer)

Slayer (heavy metal band)

Slice (soft drink and tennis shot)

Smack (heroin)

Smash (TV series and tennis shot)

Snuff (smokeless tobaccov

Spike (Buffy the Vampire Slayer character and volleyball shot)

Stab (surfing magazine and tennis shot)

Stiletto (a shoe, a tool company)

Stomp (musical group)

Whip (cool or otherwise)

Wreck (as in Wreck It Ralph kid’s movie)

If you have an item for the list, drop me a line at:

enoch@debrisfromthewreckage dot com

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