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ex02 cvr img smExophobic: Making Waves has now hit the streets. The streets are in panic!

Okay, fine, there is no panic.

However, if you truly knew about the virus that could possibly lower human intelligence (you mean, even lower?) then you would indeed panic.

And there is electromagnetic wave abuse happening all over, especially in the news.

Chaos is looming.

Maybe a sweater, possibly some socks. Get it, looming? Fug. I need a beer…

Anyway, you can check out all the essential information you will ever need at the NSA. Unless you don’t have a contact at the NSA, in which case My Freaking Exophobic Website will work with frelling awesomeness.

I know, I hate that word, too.

Check my website up (out, over) before something untoward happens.

Untoward? Who uses that word? No one uses that word.

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Free T-Shirt Ideas

So — I’m sitting at a recent book show thumbing my twiddles waiting for the show to open and whilst bored to tears, I made a list of great (IMHO) sayings for a T–shirt.

Feel free to use these, as long as you give exophobe.com a credit line !!!


Molecular science is a shell game.

My synapses defy you.

Warning: over-developed frontal lobes.

You’ve taken my cortex out of context.

Phoebe took my gun!

I’m not crazy–I’m just missing some essential electrons.

Notice: violent covalent bonding underway.

I will combust if rubbed the wrong way.

Hydrogen, too? Oh. Water under the bridge…

I am vast, cool, and probably unsympathetic.

I revel in your ignorance.

Your stupidity is the stuff of legend.

I’m greatly stirred when shaken.

I have no calm left to shatter…

A hi IQ is weigh over-raided.

I don’t brake for zombies.

Go ahead, shift my paradigm…



An Exophobic Phantasm Update

blog_art2I am a little bit perturbed.

However, I am not sure if it’s possible to be just a little bit perturbed—I think once you are perturbed, it’s pretty serious.

So, fine, I’m really perturbed. Über perturbed.

Crap, I can’t say “uber” anymore (even with the stinking umlaut) because it sounds like I’m irritated about a taxi service or something.

Fine, just freaking perturbed with no adjective. Or, is it an adverb? Fug.

Anyway—I just received a ComUnit message from Tom about a serious cyber attack on our computer system here at PHANTASM. Mando says that you simply cannot believe how many “scum dawg low-life maroons” are sitting in dark rooms in some foreign country with a computer, an Internet connection and a bad fricking attitude.

Truthfully, though, Tom’s call about the hack attempt didn’t perturb me all that much. He and Mando routed it to a fake mirror site and vortexed the attempt into an endless regression loop.

Okay, maybe “vortexed” isn’t a verb, but you get the draft.

Sorry, I’m thinking about heading out for a beer after work.

Back to getting perturbed. After Tom’s call. I then was graced (cursed) with a Def Con Minus One call from Joe, our in-house genius savant who monitors global vid feeds. In their native language. Don’t ask.

He’s telling me about some crazy new software that was just released as app – for every single major platform. It gives away free things. Bazillions of free things. I could tell you more, but I’m too damn perturbed right now.

You can read a little more by downloading a PDF file at www.exophobe.com. It’s Chapter the First of Exophobic: Making Waves.

Then you’ll know why I’m perturbed.


What It Means To Be Human

One of the informative, thought-provoking, and disturbing side effects of a continuous and non-stop exposure to global events via the Internet is an unsettling, uneasy, and confusing notion of what it means to be human.

We are now exposed — through online news, social websites and many other portals — to the previously under- or non-reported effluvia and offal that constitutes a much more significant portion of human affairs than I think anyone — except the darkest cynic and harshest pessimist — would think existed.

Government-sanctioned mass murder, religiously motivated and sanctioned mass murder, human trafficking and slavery, child prostitution, forced pornography, religious intolerance manifested as overt behavior which expresses a complete lack of regard for human life, unchecked racial hatred practiced by those who preach peace, unrestricted drug cartel activity sanctioned by governments, government corruption, bureaucratic stupidity and waste, the looting of national treasuries by special-interest groups seeking only to salvage their own benefits – when such a perverse and widespread litany of willfully-directed human misery is marched in front of your eyes, you are inexorably drawn to one inescapable and unavoidable conclusion – being human means much more than just looking like a human being.

That is the grandest illusion of them all.

One of the most meaningful concepts that I will ask you to grasp is the concept of “adaptive strategies.”

Every group of people large enough to regard itself as an “entity” has an adaptive strategy which it follows in an effort to procure success for its adherents.

Human beings on the planet Earth are fragmented and subdivided into a multitude of distinct “entities” — be they geographic, ethnic or ideological in nature. These entities may be classified as nations, countries, states, regions, groups, religions, economic systems, organizations or even clusters of human beings. Adaptive strategies exist in antipathy to each other because the adherence to any one particular adaptive strategy has historically meant a harsh aversion to any other adaptive strategy.

The fundamental precept of the adaptive strategy and its “success” is its mutually exclusive character — you cannot be a Muslim and a Jew at the same time; a Marxist and a Capitalist; a Liberal and a Conservative; et cetera, ad nauseum.

Adaptive strategies are followed by human beings in what can best be described as blind and unthinking obedience. The intrinsic and primary value of an adaptive strategy is that it allows the adherent to concentrate on the immediate tasks at hand that one faces on a daily basis — those which further individual and sector maintenance — without having to rationalize any action, without having to question the validity of any specific behavior (other than its relation to the common law under which the adaptive strategy allows itself to be placed).

The vast majority of people — sadly — follow their chosen adaptive strategy without any contemplative or introspective examination of themselves or the relationship of their adaptive strategy to the rest of humankind. In point of fact, most people blindly adopt the adaptive strategy their “leaders” tell them to adopt.

In essence, such people have traded their humanity for the promises made by the adaptive strategy. Adaptive strategies prey on the fears and insecurities of people by offering them the cold comfort of the adaptive strategy to wrap around them and explain away those fears and insecurities with deceptions – “follow me” the adaptive strategy says, without conscious thought, and I will give you security and safety.

The ultimate way to maintain adherents who worship at the altar of the adaptive strategy is to perpetuate itself by entwining so completely around its adherents that they are totally and utterly dependent on a daily basis.

People are told that this dependence is really freedom, because they do not have to think, to worry, to bother with anything — simply “keep the faith.”

This is the freedom of the non-human. Do you imagine for one moment that a person, male or female, that would strap on a bomb, walk into a room full of women and children and explode that bomb, is human? Can people who use children in prostitution and pornography possibly be human? Can people who engage in acts of genocide and mass murder of other humans without respect to age or gender be considered human?

The people who do have a sense of morality and ethics, the people who do not follow any adaptive strategy without contemplating what is means, the people who value liberty, freedom, self-responsibility, the people who believe in integrity and honor – these people are human. But you must face the harsh and unrelenting facts that humanity is NOT only about physical attributes, but also about the mental and spiritual facets of our nature – and if you ignore those you have chosen not to be human.

You cannot argue logic and reason with a mad person. You cannot discuss morality and ethics with a fanatic follower of any religion. You cannot win the “hearts and minds” of people when they have no aspect of their human nature that corresponds to the values we associate with a “heart,” and their minds are closed by their utter allegiance to some stagnant adaptive strategy.

You are dealing with zombies.

At this point you are confronted with a dilemma, an imbroglio – a horrible decision.

Here is the challenge — real humans must decide if the non-humans have the ability to be educated and trained to be humans or — if they are inescapably non-human — how to contain or destroy them before their unwarranted and unrestricted breeding wrecks human society.

So that, my friend, is really where humanity is at presently. We must decide if we are “born” human or we “become” human. Since there are so many obvious humans in the world who are, in point of fact, not even remotely human, I think it is safe to say that we become, through society and culture, educated and trained to be humans.

To become, or not to become –THAT is the question.

For those that believe in some kind of Judeo-Christic-Islamic God – you need to tread carefully here. Humans, in those adaptive strategies, are made in the IMAGE of God – but that is merely a copy on the PHYSICAL LEVEL. Every religious system that truly seeks to create human beings understands that the divine spark in us at birth must be nurtured and fanned into a flame, lest it perish and we fall back into barbarism and bestiality – which is happening even as we speak. We are not being properly educated to be human.

Whereas the idea of Darwinian Natural Selection is something which is an unconscious and non-reflective force, the advent of true human consciousness impacts a willfully self-directed ability to drive our evolution rather than merely being subject to it.

There are some people who believe that non-humans can never be changed. This is the belief held by any “enlightened” ruling class that believes it must guide people who they think are not only incapable of guiding themselves, but cannot be educated or trained.

There are other people who believe each of has an opportunity to be human. Non-humans can be changed. The ideas of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” are possibilities for those who willfully seek to work hard at becoming human and succeeding in life.

There are many modern systems of thought that believe some people are human and some are not. They believe this is a static situation and not a dynamic one. The bell curve represents an unchanging reality for them. They believe that a ruling class of “superior” people should rule. Socratic guardians.

This ruling class is, by nature, discriminatory on all fronts – racial, religious, political, economic, physiological, cultural, et cetera – there is only one correct way of viewing the world and it is their way. They will preserve that way no matter what the cost – there is no truth but their truth, utterly controlled by them; no law but the law they make and to which they themselves are not subject. No means are off-limits which permit them to achieve their “noble” ends.

Honor and integrity are just words to such people – situational ethics is the norm for them and just as Pontius Pilate asked in the Judgment Hall, “What is truth?” – there are forms of modern political thought active today that believe truth is just a variable that can be changed whenever it suits the need.

If a government is run by such a ruling class, it will believe non-humans cannot be helped, educated or trained, and that government will act according to its own self-interest without regards to the perceived non-humans; indeed, they will actually escalate actions to hasten the demise of the non-humans – but all the while acting as though they are spokespeople for the non-humans; soliciting their support through the election process. That is, until they can assume power and subvert the elective process – after all, no government, such a ruling class will argue, should be subordinated to the will of non-humans.

However, if a government is handled by people who believe that, yes, non-humans do exist, but that they can be educated, trained and helped to grow into true humans, then such a government will support self-responsibility, hard work, dedication, honor, integrity and advancement through a competitive process that rewards true human behavior.

Think about it for yourself and see where your mind goes…



The Hare and the Tortoise, A New Look

Let’s talk about the ancient fable, “The Hare and the Tortoise.”

Everyone is hopefully familiar with this ancient tale but — for the sake of universal clarity and a shared starting point — I will provide a brief refresher.

The hare is a fast runner. He brags about this speed and teases the tortoise, who is obviously a slow runner. Technically, a non-runner. More of a crawler. The tortoise finally tires of the incessant teasing (bullying, if you will) and challenges the hare to a race. The fox is chosen to select the course. The hare loses the race because he takes a nap and awakes too late to beat the tortoise to the finish line.

While this is attributed to Aesop, the general thematic ideas and concepts no doubt predate him. It is a tale which speaks of the true nature of human being and has origins that are very ancient. The real meaning of this fable is hidden and not as easy to discern as one might think.

What kind of hidden meaning? Good question.

The most widely held conclusion about the fable is the expression that, “slow and steady wins the race.” This is the obvious and most easily attainable interpretation.

Fables are devilishly intricate things, as they are always meant to portray the multi-layered complexity of human behavior.

This fable is particularly delightful in that regard.

While his fable — on the surface — does illustrate the general idea that persistence wins out in the end, this theme is NOT the main (hidden) idea.

This fable is a story of our individual human nature, and the internal struggles which must of necessity arise within each of us as we attempt to achieve significant results in our lives – that is to say, to win the race of living. Well, at least run it well. What constitutes “winning” is a subject for another diatribe — right now we will simply talk about this fable.

Aesop existed circa 620 to 554 BCE – that’s over 2500 years ago for those of us (including me) not good with math. Even back then, however, there was a recognition that humans possessed differing levels of intelligence.

Pythagoras, a contemporary to Aesop, believed that humans found at the Olympic Games could be classified into three categories or types – the lowest type were those who were seekers of pleasure and fame, the competitors. The next highest type were those who sought to benefit from buying and selling of goods, and the highest type were the lovers of wisdom, who came to observe the games.

Siddhartha Gautama would have been an approximate contemporary to Aesop, as he lived from 563 to 483 BCE. His ideas of the “threefold training” and the division of human being into Mind, Virtue, and Wisdom are compatible to those of Pythagoras.

Even older traditions were developed in Vedic (Indian) thought, such as Chapter 14 of the Bhagavad Gita, where the discussion concerns the “The Three Qualities of Material Nature” – which are ignorance, passion, and goodness.

If you examine the ontogenetic unfolding of our neurological system during fetal development, the human brain is clearly delineated into three distinct sections (Rhombencephalon, Mesencephalon, Telencephalon) – for the sake of illustrative brevity and as a simple tool for reference, we will label these the reptilian, mammalian, and distinctly human sections of the threefold neurological continuum.

While a more scientific rendition of this is called for (and exists in explication) you must — for this particular exposition — grant me the boon of accepting this structure as valid. Besides, using all those big words gives me a headache.

Our human being is a threefold continuum, and most of us exist within the realm of one of the triune parts of this continuum – it is the rare individual who can synthesize all three levels and emerge as an integrated human.

That is the fable’s true meaning.

The hare is that part of our human nature which is the lowest. It is pure physicality. The only thoughts at this level are survival and reproduction. The hare is the perfect symbol, as the reproductive capacities of that creature are legend; and its speed permits it to survive in the wild. But the hare has no other attribute worthy of consideration – the only thing it (he) can do is boast about the one thing he can do well – and this is not even a learned trait, it is a genetic trait – speed of foot. We won’t mention breeding prowess, but that is also innate and not acquired.

But even the genetic trait of speed is only of value if it is properly used.

It is no accident in the fable that the fox selects the course where the race will be run.

The fox has — symbolically — always represented social cunning and thinking skills designed to benefit one’s self.

If we regard the fox as the social part of our own human nature, it is that aspect which must select the course upon which we are to race with our own lives – and here the story gets a little more complex.

If we are rely solely on our genetic abilities alone (without contemplative introspection), we would always pick a course that suited our lowest nature, and such a decision — though the easiest by way of effort — would represent a minimal accomplishment. In the fable the hare was always teasing the tortoise about its lack of speed – only someone of low intelligence and minimal skills would belabor the obvious – what accomplishment is it for a hare to beat a tortoise anyway? They would win that race every time, without a doubt.

It is the natural inclination of humans to denigrate their genetic abilities though idleness and indolence – this happens if you allow the hare-aspect of your human nature to predominate.

The tortoise-aspect represents our wisdom and adaptability — it must not only subtly guide the fox-aspect in selecting a course most well-suited to our individual nature, but make the hare-aspect of our human being apply itself to achieving meaningful results. The hare-aspect represents our raw abilities, and the tortoise-aspect is the will and perseverance that puts those raw abilities to use in a manner that the fox-aspect helps devise within the world of our social reality.

However, even here the road is fraught with danger, for just as a heavy reliance on the hare-aspect will lead to bad results, a heavy reliance on the fox-aspect will lead to a result that is beneficial to the self, but without regard to the impact on others. It is only the guiding hand of the tortoise-aspect – the thoughtful and self-conscious “application” of will in reality, with an understanding of how all humans are linked — that helps the fox-aspect select the proper course upon which the hare-aspect — now being forced to actually apply itself — can unify with the other parts of human nature to achieve success.

And there you have it.

My hare nature wants a nap, my tortoise nature needs to mow the grass, and my fox nature wants you to buy a copy of my book, Exophobe.

Maybe I just need a drink…

— Enoch

It is Not About Racism

We should all be familiar with the succinct and profound military attack plan best expressed as “divide and conquer.”

It is a simple and robustly elegant strategy which is designed to splinter one’s opponent into smaller and more manageable groups incapable of uniting to deal cohesively with a common enemy.

Disorganized and isolated groups subject to such a strategy languish in malaise incapable of any unified effort.

There are many organizations in America that directly benefit from the disarray and chaos engendered by heightened racial tensions. It contributes significantly to their financial success and political power to stoke the flames of racism and — if no racism can be found — to locate kindling and build their own fire. Usually the latter.

I would like for you to examine your own life for just a moment. Slow down and think about this — we are constantly “informed” that all of us hate people on the basis of the COLOR of their skin. We are repeatedly told by those organizations noted above that we are all racists. When was the last time that you personally expressed your own bigotry, felt it from others, or witnessed others committing acts of racism?

Judging from my experiences, the answer is not very often. In truth, you have really got to be kidding me — how on earth have any of us been sucked into buying this line of carnival crap about race? Do we honestly dislike people because of the EXTERNAL color of their skin? If this is true, then why not hate people on the basis of the color of their shirt, the size of their shoes, or how they comb their hair?

We are letting the race hate-mongers and corrupt politicians control our minds. They are manipulating the electromagnetic (EM) waves — any digital signals containing data — in order to divide black, brown, white, yellow and whatever color you want to add to the mix.

Separate and equal in chaos — and useless to face the true enemy.

It is absolutely NOT the skin color of a person — not some mere external variable like that — that leads us to dislike someone. It is what lurks INSIDE the other person that repels and irritates us. It is their behavior as a direct expression of what is INSIDE that disturbs us.

What we truly hate is our animal nature.

We have been battling for tens of thousands of years to be human – and be more than human – and what we hate are humans who are NOT truly human, because they act like animals – in point of fact, they ARE animals.

And these non-humans can be any color. All colors. Color does not distinguish when it comes to bestiality.

The legends of vampires, werewolves, zombies and such are — of course — pure nonsense, but they do illustrate a simple and completely undeniable TRUTH — we fear, loathe, and hate our unrestrained animal nature. We hate those who are out of control and use no rational thought to guide their actions.

They are not human.

When heinous acts are committed by such people — be they white, brown, black, yellow, red, or purple — we face the horrible truth of our unconscious animal side. True humans do, indeed, hate and abhor the sad sight of that. It is reminder that the divide between civilization and barbarism is narrow indeed.

However — that is not racism – it has NOTHING to do with race, but only with cultural values in disarray – values that glorify sex, violence, drugs, and hate. Values with no genuine moral or ethical basis. Respect magnified to a vice.

Failure to embrace a culture that values such important things as hard work, dedication, sacrifice, virtue, honesty, family, and self-responsibility

And it affects all humans, of any race.

Trying to uphold the highest standards of human conduct with true morality and ethics – and expecting others to do the same – is NOT racism.

It’s called being a conscious human being.

If you call it racism – what is it you are really hiding? What are you really seeking?

Manipulating hate for gain is evil. Period.

End. Of. Story.


Postscript: Be sure to check out my other entry –> Losing a Culture

Losing A Culture

A culture is not something that automatically passes intact and fully functioning from generation to generation. The ethics, morals, principles, ideas, themes, mores and all other critically important aspects of a culture must be taught and demonstrated to each new generation.

There are ideas—some of which are unique to America—which have made this country great, and which have also invoked tremendous antipathy, resentment, jealousy and outright hatred among many different countries, groups, religions, and ideologies because of the success Americans have achieved by putting such ideas to work on a daily basis.

American ideas like self-determining selfhood, personal responsibility, love of country, a strong work ethic, a willingness to make short-term sacrifices for long-term gain, a love of competition, righteous anger in the face of inequity and barbarism, and a dynamic ethical and moral belief that encompasses the greatest insights of human thought.

Such incredibly valuable ideas are not inherent or innate within the human mind. We are not born civilized nor conscious. We must be taught those values. We must learn.

Humans are born as beasts and must acquire the knowledge necessary to overcome that bestiality. Young humans must be taught how to become truly conscious people. The things that permit that (e.g., compassion, honesty, loyalty, respect, honor, et cetera) must be carefully and faithfully transmitted from generation to generation.

It is possible–indeed, one could argue it is happening now–that if the modes of such transmission (e.g., education, politics, entertainment, news dissemination and such) are subjugated to the will of a perspective that is not American in origin, then over the course of time American culture can, and will be, slowly lost.

The current population of young adults–the next generation of Americans–is losing its connection to those distinctly American values that helped make this country an example of what humanity, working in a spirit of harmony and cooperation, could achieve.

A primary example is a complete disconnect from the intent and meaning of the Declaration of Independence, which was the loud and raucous cry of the human spirit seeking freedom from the oppressive yoke of despotic, tyrannical, centralized planning and unfeeling bureaucratic control.

Let’s make a brief examination of just a few of the most important concepts in the Declaration and how we desperately need to embrace and understand what that means if we hope to salvage what is rapidly wrecking our Republic.

There are many people who will tell you that what was written in 1776 has no relevance for us in the year 2015. To hold such an opinion is to negate and obviate every bit of human wisdom hard fought and gained over thousands of years. It matters not what your individual belief structure is in terms of religion or philosophy, because ancient wisdom reflects manifest and obvious truth.

Are the Indic vedas, Buddhist thought, Talmudic formulations, Christic teachings, Quranic admonitions, Platonic or Socratic musings, Confucian advice any less useful because they originate in the distant past? It would be the height of arrogance and foolishness to assume that no human in the past ever achieved a similar state of conscious awareness as someone currently alive.

Let’s look at just one small sentence—an absolutely vital part–of the Declaration of Independence.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

The first thing that strikes me is the phrase “these truths” and I say this because there are many, many, people today who do not believe in truth. Certainly not absolute truth. They see truth as something to be molded, utterly flexible, ever-changing, subject to the whims and vagaries of whatever the ruling elite decide constitutes the truth. Situational ethics. To such people, it doesn’t make any difference what you say or do. Either something works (it lets you succeed) or it doesn’t. Truth is not relevant and certainly not important—only results matter, without regard for the kind of ethics or morality that absolute truth demands.

Truth is not relative. It is not situational. It is not flexible. There are truths—as we read further in the Declaration—that are “self-evident.” Now we really need to pause and take stock of what this critical concept embodies, for it is essential to our understanding of the whole.

The key here is obviously awareness and consciousness. Nothing is “self-evident” unless you are intelligent, awake, aware, and conscious enough to even possess a Self. To overcome the beast and become human. When you do possess such a Self, then it is obvious that there are—indeed—some truths which stand out.

They are, indeed, self-evident.

All men—all humans—are created equal. What we are taught, learn, experience, and discover as infants, children, adolescents and young adults ripples through our mature lives and is reflected in what we become. Over time, what we achieve may be different, and the skills and talents we exhibit will be different, but in the very beginning the equality that the Declaration is concerned with concerns Rights.

At birth, you see, all humans are “endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights.” That is the basic equality. Of course, some individuals are born into good circumstances and some into bad—but those are human-created scenarios and ever-changing variables. The Declaration is concerned with absolutes. Such a significant statement about Rights requires some serious consideration.

Let’s start with the word “endowed.”

It means that you are provided with or have been given a quality, ability, or asset. One could argue rather convincingly that the genetic traits (internal and external) that you are born with constitute your natural endowment. According to the Declaration, this endowment flows from the “Creator.”

Ostensibly many folks immediately jump to the notion this means God or some external Supreme Being. Yet this misses a bit of the meaning here because every human being, past and present, is a created being, brought into existence by the unification of XY genetic factors. This is true whether this is handled the traditional way through the intimate relations of a man and a woman, or some odd new way engendered by technological “innovation” that fertilizes an egg in a machined environment. Either way, life is created and there is a Creator. Life has been created, no matter the methodology, and such life has “certain unalienable rights.”

There are three big ideas going on from this point forward.

“Certain” is one of them. Not all rights are being addressed here, as some of those stem direct from the social structure humans choose to live in. They are granted, earned, or made available and—as such—are not necessarily similar to unalienable (inalienable) rights, which are rights that are absolute, innate and should never be taken away from the individual.

Among these Rights, which implies there are others, the following are the most important: “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Once a life is created, it has a right to life. It is now a created being–whose potential is both unknown and unlimited. Barring medical, ethical, or valid legal reasons, a created life has a right to experience life.

Beyond the idea of the “right to life” is the simple idea that all living humans have a right to continue to live once they have an existence. That is to say, the other person’s right to life is inviolate unless they seek to negate your right to life. Defending one’s self is understandable.

Still, it’s difficult to embrace the sanctity of human life unless you have liberty.

Without freedom, life is nothing but a prison. Sadly, many people fear freedom. They want to be told what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. Prison is preferable to the hard work of freedom. That’s because freedom is painful. It requires great effort. It demands sacrifice. Most people are unwilling to make the effort to either earn, deserve, or even preserve freedom. However, self-aware and conscious people fully grasp the true meaning of freedom (liberty) and its inextricable and sustaining link to life.

With life and liberty in hand (hopefully secured by a friendly government) one now has the ability to make a “pursuit of happiness.”

A difficult concept, to be sure.

To Aristotle, the Greek philosopher, happiness depends on the individual and what they believe, and how they act in their daily affairs. Happiness is living a virtuous life, and is little like the Buddhist middle way—avoid excesses and doing the right thing. However, the whole point is kind of moot because the fact is the Declaration does not really concern itself with the actual or specific meaning of Happiness, as ultimately it is a subjective state of being for each and every human. The Declaration is only saying one of those unalienable rights centers around the “pursuit” aspect.

With your life, that is to say, you have the liberty to choose the course of action (within the prescribed boundaries of acceptable conduct in a civilized society) to pursue happiness as you understand it. Such pursuit implies a dynamic and active participation—you must actually STRIVE to EARN your happiness. No one can pursue anything sitting on their ass, though the amount of money paid out in federal entitlements might suggest otherwise. It is sad that there are vast segments of our society that are told by their religious, political, and social leadership that it is pointless to work, pointless to strive for success, and pointless to strive for happiness because the system is stacked against them and they have no opportunities.

That is simply and absolutely not the case.

The “pursuit” of happiness is available for any American, but they must embrace that critically important sentence from the Declaration we have been discussing in order to achieve anything—by failing to endorse that distinctly American idea they are sounding the death knell to self-sustaining selfhood, personal responsibility, and any hope for the glorious vision elaborated by the Declaration that inspires humans to greatness.

A society of the people, by the people and for the people is fading away unless we revitalize what it means to be a real American and recapture the essence of our ancestors.

Don’t let our culture slip away. Don’t let the mindless hordes destroy our heritage. Don’t let barbarism become acceptable and endorsed by a society that has lost all respect for itself and others.

You must teach the children the truth. You must fight against ignorance and hypocrisy. You must rail against deception, fraud, and lies. You must stand up for what is right and true, or the great American dream will slide into an abyss of soulless bestiality from which it can never recover.

Don’t let that happen.

A New World Rises

I am going to tell you about a world that many sly yet foolish people want to build for human society – and if you think about this and look closely at what is happening now in our society, you can see that what I am saying is true.

And is unfolding right before our unseeing eyes.

Let’s look briefly into that possible future – a dark and disturbing future if we let current events continue unchecked by conscious human reflection.

Unless we awake soon, here is the future I fear…

Soon, there will be little need for human teachers and schools as we now know them.

They will both be replaced by self-paced interactive software piped directly through to the household. Such software permits the student to move at the pace of their own learning. As fast — or slow — as they desire. Content will continually be scaled up or down in complexity as needed. Quizzes, tests, writing assignments and such will be stored, tracked, reviewed, and analyzed to provide the proper feedback to the student.

The State – of course — maintains all this in a centralized location. Much easier to administer that way. No duplication of effort. Monitoring and tracking is flawless. Information can be controlled.

Human teachers (few in number) will become modulators, technocrats, monitoring stations — the actual teaching will be handled almost entirely by the machines. Artificial Intelligence (AI) programs (even if limited in scope) will answer most student queries. Think automated FAQ.

There will not be physical locations called schools, only audio-video feeds that link households to a centralized cloud-based learning area from which the “teacher” can handle technical issues or questions as they arise. Holographic images will assist the process.

Think chat line or video messaging to get the picture on this. Tech support.

The State-approved software will — based on your interests, proclivities, and aptitudes — make suggestions about groups and clubs the student should be involved in. It will show you meeting times and places for these events. Your attendance at such events (most of which would be in virtual reality) would be required. Actual human contact social events would be very limited and highly controlled events carefully orchestrated by the “school.”

Physical sports will gradually be replaced by computerized gaming events — you may still participate in sport if you wish, but it will be from the comfort of your digitized world. Even multi-participant sports like baseball will be digital and you will play with specialized digital headgear and clothing to simulate catching, throwing, and batting. This will be true of all traditional sports.

No one will be interested in watching actual physical sporting events or violent action since you can have competitive events and even horrific violence in the digital world without risk of injury or death. Any actual real-world events involving living people must — of necessity — be extremely violent and creative to attract viewers. They will be frowned upon by the authorities, but permitted on a very limited basis by properly bribed officials — in underground areas and usually for the an affluent audience.

As members of this future society, you will rarely leave your household. Ultra high-resolution video and audio communications are persistent and instantaneous for whomever you wish to talk to — bankers, doctors, lawyers, plumbers. However, you will rarely need to converse with an actual human, as extensive knowledge bases and interactive artificial intelligence programs will be able to answer almost all inquiries.

In addition, every device in your household is “smart” in the sense that it has embedded digital chips that external service companies can monitor and repair remotely.

Speaking with an actual human would be costly and considered extravagant.

Besides that fact, no personal forms of transportation will exist. It will all be mass transit. Freedom and mobility must be controlled to assure the State holds sway in all areas.

Food is available in dense, nutrition-rich, cubes or packets which can be converted into a variety of formats, but the necessity for going to the grocery store, buying the food, storing the food, prepping the food, and the actual “pleasure” of eating is eliminated.

Eating is simply proper maintenance feeding accomplished by ingesting the right blend of minerals, vitamins, and nutrients. Body scans adjust the level of these ingredients for optimal health. Actual real-world restaurants will still survive, but the cost of such a meal will be ridiculously high and available only for the affluent.

Money is handled very differently in the future. There are really no jobs, per se. There are jobs, yes – but they are a privilege afforded only to the very intelligent. Every human being, upon their birth, is provided an account which contains a specific amount of funding. At age 18 you “come into your account.”

If the State-controlled computer “school” you have been involved in since childhood has assessed you as highly intelligent, you will be offered a “job” which does provide additional funds for your account.

If — on the other hand — you have been deemed as average or below average, you can chose to live out your days drawing funds from your account and playing computer games. These people must still purchase food, housing, and medical care (all controlled by the State) so the funds always end up back with the State (and the State’s crony business partners) anyway.

This assures that only competent and intelligent people actually “work” within the system to maintain and keep it functioning.

Entertainment will be rather barbaric since the highly intelligent people are generally creative in nature and can entertain themselves, or each other. The average and below average – however – must be kept amused and digital content will be primarily physical in nature with excessive sex and violence – all of which is digitized and not real.

Quasi-robotic mimics of humans will serve as sexual surrogates and will be almost anatomically indistinguishable from real humans.

Birth control has always been a problem in society. You really do not want the stupid people to over-populate. Therefore, based on the results from “school,” you are either treated genetically over time (without your knowledge, of course) to render you sterile, or you are permitted to breed. Highly intelligent people have no limitations on offspring, although extremely talented children are usually taken and raised by the State.

Genetic testing is constantly being done to monitor the DNA structures of the populace to ensure no mutations or genetic bombs are introduced by other competing societies.

As for drugs and alcohol – over time the choices for these will be narrowed and narrowed until there is no need for thousands of different options. Freely available mind-altering drugs will be dispensed direct to the household for those that so desire. The same is true to alcoholic drinks – though fermentation processes will give way to liquid drinks which target specific neurotransmitters to achieve the same – though far more heightened – effect.

Actual alcoholic drinks will only be available to the very affluent.

There will be no black market sales of food, goods, or services because the penalty for such activity is death. Cameras are everywhere, monitoring is intense, prosecution is assured, and sentencing is guaranteed. There is very little activity in this realm, and only conducted by a few super intelligent people who have freely chosen to opt out of the main system. These individuals are known to the State anyway – there is no privacy in the future – but tolerated because they often supply such black market goods and services to State officials.

The knowledge of this weakness in people is often useful to the State as leverage to get things accomplished within the government.

Speaking of the government. There is a ruling class which has zealously guarded its genetic heritage and advanced intelligence for many years. They control the infrastructure because they control the technology which runs everything – there are no private companies – only State-owned entities. As long as the vast majority of people have food, water, shelter, health care, drugs, and are entertained, they could care less who was in charge. So, the ruling elite is careful to make sure this is the way society is structured.

Of course, all funds expended by the vast majority of people flows back to the State and the ruling class is the State.

There is very little crime. There simply is no need to commit crimes since everything you need in life is freely provided for you. Rare and isolated events do happen, but due to the constant audio-video monitoring, the actor or perpetrator is always found and punished. Jails and prisons are – in truth – simply an extension of the average society household, except your living space is much, much, smaller and has constraints (electromagnetic shock fields).

Most inmates are kept drugged anyway.

There is little gun violence. Over time the necessary materials to create firearms and ammunition have been gradually removed from the general populace. Relics still exist, of course, but ammunition is impossible to find or make. Without a State license, though, possession of such a relic is a federal crime.

It doesn’t matter, really, because the newer and far superior weapons are in the hands of the State-controlled military and local police. These weapons operate on different principles than traditional gunpowder-based systems. The weapons are specifically encoded (DNA) for operation by only certain individuals and are useless by others. Possession of unlicensed weapon technology is punishable by either indeterminate detention or death without trial.

In truth, possession of any technology not approved by the State for use by the general populace is punishable by either indeterminate detention or death without trial.

The family structure will be intact, but relationships are handled very differently. As I mentioned before, part of every person’s life is their schooling via home-based digital delivery. Analysis of individual progress over time (to determine such things as intelligence, drive, ambition, interests, and cognitive ability) is coupled with genetic analysis (every citizen’s DNA is in a repository controlled by the State).

You are then matched up with a life partner. This may be male or female, depending upon the results of the State-controlled analysis of your schooling – and their decision about whether you are permitted to breed or not.

Religion is, of course, not tolerated at all. It persists, hidden from public view, but mostly in areas far removed from the gigantic and sprawling urban areas that encompass most of the population. Being caught with religions relics, artifacts, or disseminating religious views is punishable by detention or death – neither determined by judge or jury.

There’s more – but I’m too depressed to write any more. Hopefully this “brave new world” will never happen – but surely you can see it leering at us from the future. Surely you can see the seeds for this horrible scenario being planted by the policies of today.

Freedom is never free. Wake up now.


The Middle is the Riddle

Depending on whatever critically important story-of-the-moment is running from whichever “reasonable” news outlet or network — relayed with cheerful and effervescent professionalism by carefully quaffed and coifed humans — I either find myself infuriated, amused, bemused, saddened, or horrified.

Truth be told – mostly I am just vexitated. Equal parts vexed and irritated.

It seems like we – the general public, the hoi polloi, the unwashed masses, the proletariat, the rank and file, the slavish minions – are subject to widely differing viewpoints from the Left and Right that (upon alert curious scrutiny) are discovered to be but one and the same message, artfully and deliberately disguised to keep us fat and happy.

We are subject to outlier extremism at both ends of the political spectrum – Left and Right – but this is nothing but outright deception, and it reminds me of the expression of “playing both ends against the middle.”

The middle in question being the middle class – the centrist, common sense, regular and normal American who acknowledges the validity of many divergent political views – and it is being deceived, exploited, and conned by a Left and Right that only views the middle class as a source of revenue, either in the form of taxes, donations, consumer expenditures or expanding debt.

We are just accounts to be drained.

Look around at what is being shown on any digital news outlet – no one can convey the truth to you because we have lost the thread that leads us to the truth. We are lost in the woods, and our breadcrumb trail is gone. The Wicked Witch of State is about to eat us alive, trying to tempt us into feeling at ease with candy, candy, candy while she monitors the temperature and prepares the stove.

Don’t eat the candy. Don’t drink the cool-aid. Red pill, or blue pill?

Don’t trust anyone simply because they say “I am Left,” or “I am Right.” Listen to the message. Examine the content. Discern the truth for yourselves. So often we are subject to supposedly learned men and women parading around their academic credentials as though that is the ultimate confirmation of truth. Or, equally disheartening, we are presented with celebrities whose ability to sing, dance, play a musical instrument, or parrot lines of text somehow qualifies them to convey truth and reliability that we must accept with unquestioned alacrity.

The final insult comes when our elected officials are held up as some sort of irrefutable symbol of authority and knowledge, and any criticism of them is either racist, a sign of intrinsic ignorance, or a symptom of some kind of anti-social mental illness.

Do not be daunted or intimidated by what others say or do – think for your Self and act on the basis of the greatest ethical and moral beliefs we have as human beings.

Question all forms of thought which seek to instruct you on what to think instead of how to think. Question all forms of authority that demand your unquestioned allegiance simply because they are from the State, and you are not. Question any system of thought that requires the complete submission of your Will and self-determining being. Question those who want only to speak at you and never listen to you.

Question ignorance and barbarism in all its clever forms.

I wish you the best in your search for the truth – always remembering that you cannot fight fire with fire. Unless your fire is much, much, bigger – and burns brightly within you.


Playing the Percentages

50%+ of those individuals who comprise American society pay little or no taxes and are almost totally reliant upon the government for the basic necessities of life by receiving some form(s) of federal aid.

These are facts produced and provided by the federal government itself.

We can be drawn to several different conclusions about this situation.

One possible option is that those who control government believe that certain human beings do not have the cognitive skills and abilities necessary to survive in a modern, technological, age and, therefore, must be cared for; like a shepherd tends a flock. The Bell Curve — they believe — is static, not dynamic. Most people will never be successful. You are fated to your level of intelligence – or lack thereof. Like bad luck and cancer, according to the experts…

Another possible option could be that the government — particularly the governing power — believes that it can maintain its grip on that power by simply placating these people, much like the ancient Romans did in providing tribute to the barbarians in an effort to stave off invasion, anarchy, and chaos. The 50%+ are then docile and under control.

Another possibility is that the leadership  (e.g., religious, political, racial, ethnic, or cultural) of the 50%+ constantly informs the 50%+ that they have no hope of improvement, no pathway to success, no opportunities to succeed and — given this mindset — the 50%+ simply settles back to be looked after, devoid of all hope. They mindlessly spend their government money (usually with businesses aligned with the ruling elite) and they will vote — always for the status quo championed by the ruling elite.

The Bell Curve — another school of thought believes — is dynamic, not static, and anyone within the 50%+ can improve themselves and succeed in life – if they try. If they can muster the necessary will in the face of the constant propaganda from their own leaders.

A final possibility is that certain people have recognized the intrinsic weakness of any Democracy – which is that the majority does indeed rule (especially if you deliberately ignore the fact America is supposed to be a Republic). If you cleverly manipulate the people by creating dependencies, division, envy, and strife, you can direct the ire of the 50%+ toward those who have achieved hard-earned success in the society. “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs” sounds so compassionate, so caring, so progressive — and yet it is simply Communism.

In the scenario outlined above, there are political interests intent only on power, and they will gradually attempt to push that 50%+ figure up to 60% and above. A relentless voting majority that cannot be overcome. You then have – much like a cancer — succeeded in overwhelming the host. State control. The Collective. The Hive. The Commune. Mediocrity. More takers than producers. Chaos.

Finally — there are those who tend to think that every person who is in business is evil. People who think this have allowed the corporate greed of an evil few to taint the decent many. The unrestrained pursuit of profit without morality and ethics is evil. Enlightened capitalism, conducted within the boundaries set by morality and ethics, can achieve great things — but only if the dream of such great things is not vilified by those who seek only to manipulate and control the 50%+ to their advantage.

Profit is not evil — but improper pathways to reach it are.

You have to decide which of these situations is true – and in which percentage you find yourself.

The most important thing, however, is for you to decide what you think your government actually believes. Their actions will speak volumes — pay attention.