The Old Gods Still Live

Well, the Pope came to visit America.

Leader of Catholicism, the largest Christian sect. I guess making a trip to America to make sure we’ve driven a stake through the heart of all the old gods.

Man, was he wasting his time…

Saturn autos. Mercury cars (not in business per se, but still on the road). Nike shoes. Atlas tires. Ancient Gods in the movies. Diablo video game (and hot sauce). Mazda (from Ahura Mazda). Ajax (cleanser and programming language). Gemini and Apollo space missions. The Apple logo — a bite missing from the apple in defiance of Yahweh (Jehovah), the Hebrew God. Cupid is used every Valentine’s Day. Gaia as another name for Earth. The Time Warner logo as the eye of Horus. Starbucks uses a mermaid in its logo. The flower company FTD uses the image of Hermes. Gandalf made a lot of money chasing rings. Mythological references to old gods in about every Disney movie ever made. Hyperion is a bad company located in the Borderlands! Isis is, well, not good. Midas paints cars. Amazon. I could keep going, but I imagine you get the point.

And, of course we face the old gods every day of the week: Sunday – the Sun’s day – hearkening back to Sun worship since the bad old bestial days. Monday – the Moon’s day. The moon has almost equal time as the Sun. Tuesday for Tyr, the god of war. Wednesday for Woden, better known as Odin, ruler of Asgard (hey, I saw the movie). Thursday for Thor, god of lightning (hey, I saw…). Friday after Freya or Frigg (maybe Fug), goddess of love, sex, and apparently violent death. Having barely survived a few particularly vicious Friday nights myself, I can understand this. Saturday is named after Saturn, the father of Zeus.

The name of the months aren’t much better. Right about now, I’m feeling a bit more barbaric than is healthy, and thus refuse to delve more into this. Besides, you can look it up easily enough.

Barbaric, pagan, satanic, Illuminati, references are everywhere.’

Just pay attention and keep your eyes open.

The Pope may have visited, but the old gods still live.

Gee, Zeus, I want a Mars bar!

Just saying.


Exophobe, Shoes, and Cats

Enoch here. An old friend of mine wanted to make a little pitch for his books and — because I’m featured in them — I figured I’d let him post some disjointed and rambling thoughts and see what happens. So here it goes –>


My name is D. Kenton Mellott. I’m the author of the novel Exophobe – which is a work of fiction with science in it. In the book I hardily attempt to be informative, provocative (within the bounds of good taste), entertaining, and funny. Sometimes this works quite well, and sometimes it is an epic fail.

Nonethemuchmoreless, I consider it a worthy effort and – happily – many people who have read the book agree with me. A comfort in my reclining years, lazy boy that I am.

The book is available for digital devices from Apple, Amazon, and Barnes & Nobles and while I myself enjoy said electronic contraptions, I still have a soft spot in my head for hardbound books. Something substantive and real that I can hold in my hand or hurl at the neighbor’s annoying cat.

I’m just kidding.

I’d use a shoe instead.

Anyway, today I am cajoling, pleading, pontificating, and otherwise badgering you to consider buying the hardcover version of the book.

Why should you even consider such a thing? Books, the Tech Elite cry out, are dead.

Well, let me regale you with the multitudinous benefits of the hardcover version of Exophobe.

Reason the first: It is a limited first edition of approximately 2000 copies. Eventually it will be worth more than it is now. Probably just after a virus wipes out all other authors. Be that as it may, it is a quality item and would be a notable addition to any library. I am wearing my solemn look with a face full of veracity.

Reason the second: I’ll personalize and customize the inscription specifically for you. Hey, that might actually increase the value – you never know. Plus, you can make up a really good story about it. I’ll back you up on it.

Reason the third: If an EM pulse wipes out all conventional sources of energy, you’ll have something to start a fire with. Assuming you have some matches or a lighter, or rub sticks like that Bare Grills guy, or whatever his name is…

Reason the fourth: My storage unit costs are killing me and I need to move a few of these damn hardbound books out.

Reason the fifth: Don’t get sucked too deep down the digital technology rabbit hole. Make a statement about the power of the written word. Plus, you can order and pay for the book online. Dang, that sounded better in my head.

Reason the sixth: A lifetime warranty on the dust jacket. Okay, technically not true, but we will send you an extra one if you need it. Assuming I can find one in the storage unit.

Reason the seventh: No batteries required for book operation. Plus, it looks better to actually have books on your bookshelf. Just saying.

Reason the eighth: You can hurl it at the neighbor’s annoying cat.*

Beyond all this nonsense, you can go to the website at www dot exophobe dot com and purchase the book. Plus check out my new book – Exophobic: Making Waves – a completely new adventure featuring the same group of characters from Exophobe.

Go to my website now and get the books(s) ordered before a virus wipes out most of humanity or the machines take over. Or, an asteroid takes us out. Or, whatever…

Thanks !!!

d kenton mellott


* As per Federal regulations, we are required to state that we do not endorse, encourage, or promote the hurling of books at cats or other animals, unruly or not.


Things You Need (But May Not Want) To Know

Well, this is a little awkward –>

NASA Study Finds Earth’s Ocean Abyss Has Not Warmed

Are You Serious? –> Neuroscience, Ethics, and National Security: The State of the Art


Apparently, Wi-Fi is Really F**king You Up

Rut Row — Artificial Manipulation of Effing DNA

Mostly echoes and white noise

We Need Research to Prove This? Really?

Yes, Virginia, the climate does change, but it’s the fault of Santa Claus…

Just an odd thing worth pondering

What WILL the cognitively-challenged humans do?

You Have Got to Be Shi**ing Me?

He who controls the EM Waves controls your mind (and knowing it’s the highest bidder is just not very comforting).

I need a freaking drink!

Only works if the other person actually has a brain…

Put these terms in your favorite browser search field and review the results (WTF):

ELF pulse-modulated radio waves

Three-Self Patriotic Movement

The “Secret” of Success

I run a successful company and am a published author. People ask me all the time – “What is the secret to success?”

Psst… I’ll tell you the secret – there is no secret.

It sounds like the plot to Kung Fu Panda or something – you know, there is no secret ingredient.

Oh man, did I just admit I watch Kung Fu Panda?

Anyway, truthfully, there are actually a number of ingredients in the recipe for success, and they are not secret. It doesn’t matter whether you own your company, are contracting for someone, or work within a big corporate structure – the ingredients are the same for any human endeavor where the object is a successful outcome (i.e., achieve a goal or goals).

Ingredient 1: Work hard and go the extra mile. I want you to think about the fable, “The Tortoise and the Hare.” We all know the story – the persistent Tortoise beats the somewhat lazy Hare in a race. However, there is a deeper meaning. We will always work with, or for, people that are smarter, faster, bigger, or stronger than us in some way, shape, or form. That does not mean they are BETTER than us, just different. It still means you have to apply your skills and abilities. Let’s be honest here – a Hare will never lose a race to a tortoise if the Hare acts normal and runs fast. However, Ingredient 1 is “Work hard and go the extra mile” because even the most talented people can be lazy – and that yields failure and not success. The ancient Romans had a saying – Perseverantia omnia vincit – perseverance conquers all. If you want more on the fable, read this link –> Hare and Tortoise Revisited

Ingredient 2: Seek clarity (ask questions). All of us – at one time or the other — work in groups, committees, clusters, or other organized assemblages of co-workers, associates or peers. We come together to take a project from start to finish. Ingredient 2 is really simple in explication but often difficult in implementation. Mostly because people are usually too afraid to ask questions – fearful that asking the question will demonstrate some kind of ignorance that will damn them to everlasting duty in the mail room or something. Nonsense. There are no such thing as a dumb question – just dumb people who never asked a question and plowed ahead on the basic of faulty information. Accumulate your facts, ask good questions, and your decisions will be excellent. Subject to the immutable laws of space and time, of course.

Ingredient 3: Be honest. By this I mean – if your client, boss or co-worker has a bad idea or is doing something in error – tell them. You can say it with honey rather than vinegar, but give your honest and knowledgeable perspective. Despite some people saying, “What difference does it make?” the truth does matter and it does mean something. Each human being has unique and special ideas and insights – but only if they share them, make them known. If you have a thought, an idea, a notion that may not be accordance with the current state of affairs but that you think has a critical bearing – your silence will damn you, so be honest and let people know. This also relates directly to work responsibility – if you can handle the work, say so, but if you can’t do the work it is equally critical that you say so. Missing production schedules in any endeavor is the kiss of death. Never let desire and greed overwhelm common sense and wisdom.

Ingredient 4: Admit your mistakes and also claim your victories. Never be afraid to say you are wrong – and never be afraid to take credit when it is yours to take. This one is difficult for most folks. It seems like self-responsibility has gone the way of the dinosaur. There always seems to be someone or something (besides ourselves) to blame for mistakes and errors – but don’t go down that path or you’ll be searching for excuses for every failure all your life. Admit your mistake, explain how to fix it, implement safeguards to prevent a repeat and move forward. Also – never blame someone else for your mistakes. If you used Ingredient 3 (Be honest) then there should never be anyone else to blame! Conversely, if you’ve done something notable that helps the project be successful, do not be afraid to toot your own horn. No one else is going to do it. Take credit when it is due, and also point out others who deserve credit.

Ingredient 5: Finally — and this one will be the most difficult to utilize – you must keep your eyes open and your mind churning to discern, evaluate, and understand the synchronicity boiling around you. What the hell does that mean? Whenever you become embroiled in a project, keep an alert eye on the data flow that is going on around you – and that includes emails, text messages, news broadcasts, television commercials and any other form of information that catches your eye. Keep this in mind – when you get involved on a project, new data and information is flowing into your mind. Into your cerebral cortex. There are millions of connections to events outside your immediate experience that may have relevance. Pay attention — if something in the data flow around you draws your attention (even for a reason you don’t initially understand), then it has meaning for you at some deeper level – you need to figure out where and why and how to use it. Examine it closely. Think about it. Decide how to leverage that knowledge to your benefit.

Okay – there are the ingredients. The only thing you have to work on is the correct blend and how long to bake it. That part comes with effort and experience. Just remember – luck is preparation meeting opportunity. Lucky bakers use the ingredients correctly !

Get out there and start cooking !!!

AI, Robots, Intelligence, and the Future of Humanity

Before I launch into a hopefully well-reasoned diatribe, please give these links a quick review:

Robots Will Displace Human Workers

Artificial Intelligence Outperforms 70% of Humans

There is an implicit thread underlying these two links that should give every discerning soul pause, and that is the fact that humans must become more intelligent to succeed in a technological world.

Once we assume the above statement to be a fundamental structure for this discussion, we are inextricably drawn to one of two possible conclusions – first, humans must educate, train, and gain experience to become more productive and intelligent members of society or, second, because of genetic realities as reflected in the Bell Curve, over 70% of humans are destined to be overwhelmed and displaced by both AI and robotics and are incapable of any improvement of their basic intelligence.

I am hopeful that the first scenario is true, but I fear the second – especially as I look around at events transpiring in America and around the world. My advice – beware and be prepared.

The next great revolution will not be racially motivated.

It will not be grounded in religious beliefs.

It will not have ethnic origins.

It will not be based on politics, philosophies or economic beliefs.

In point of fact, when you hear the phrase “income inequality” tossed out by religious leaders and governments you should stop and ponder. When you hear the phrase “some people are just winners in life’s lottery” bantered about by adept politicians, you should stop and ponder. When you hear the phrase “we need multi-cultural harmony,” you should stop and ponder.

The next revolution will be between the cognitively-challenged (i.e. not very bright) non-producers and the intelligent achievers. If the second scenario outlined above is true – and I still unclear on this – then it means that the next revolution will basically pit 75% of the human population against the remaining 25%.

Honestly – how do you think that will resolve itself?

Remember the words of Lao Tzu –>

“Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habit. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.”

What is your destiny?


The Middle is the Riddle

Depending on whatever critically important story-of-the-moment is being broadcast from some “thoughtful” and “reasonable” news outlet or network — relayed with cheerful and effervescent professionalism by carefully quaffed and coiffed humans — I either find myself infuriated, amused, bemused, saddened, or horrified.

Truth be told – mostly I am just vexitated. Equal parts vexed and irritated.

It seems like we – the general public, the hoi polloi, the unwashed masses, the proletariat, the rank and file, the slavish minions – are subject to widely differing viewpoints from the Left and Right which (upon alert and curious scrutiny) are discovered to be but one and the same message, artfully and deliberately disguised to keep us fat and happy.

We are subject to outlier extremism at both ends of the political spectrum – Left and Right – but this is nothing but outright deception, and it reminds me of the expression of “playing both ends against the middle.”

The middle in question being the middle class – the centrist, common sense, regular, and normal American who acknowledges the validity of many divergent political views – and it is being deceived, exploited, and conned by a Left and Right that only views the middle class as a source of revenue, either in the form of taxes, donations, consumer expenditures or expanding debt.

The members of the middle class are not humans — we are just accounts to be drained.

Look around at what is being shown on any digital news outlet – no one can convey the truth to you because we have lost the thread that leads us to the truth. We are lost in the woods, and our breadcrumb trail is gone. The Wicked Witch of State is about to eat us alive, trying to tempt us into feeling at ease with candy, candy, candy while she monitors the temperature and prepares the stove.

Don’t eat the candy. Don’t drink the cool-aid. Red pill, or blue pill?

Don’t trust anyone simply because they say “I am Left,” or “I am Right.” Listen to the message. Examine the content. Discern the truth for yourselves. So often we are subject to supposedly learned men and women parading around their academic credentials as though that is the ultimate confirmation of truth. Or, equally disheartening, we are presented with celebrities whose ability to sing, dance, play a musical instrument, or parrot lines of text somehow qualifies them to convey truth and reliability that we must accept with unquestioned alacrity.

The final insult comes when our elected officials are held up as some sort of irrefutable symbol of authority and knowledge, and any criticism of them is either racist, a sign of intrinsic ignorance, or a symptom of some kind of anti-social mental illness.

Do not be daunted or intimidated by what others say or do – think for your Self and act on the basis of the greatest ethical and moral beliefs we have as human beings.

Question all forms of thought which seek to instruct you on what to think instead of how to think. Question all forms of authority that demand your unquestioned allegiance simply because they are from the State, and you are not. Question any system of thought that requires the complete submission of your Will and self-determining being. Question those who want only to speak at you and never listen to you.

Question ignorance and barbarism in all its clever forms.

I wish you the best in your search for the truth – always remembering that you cannot fight fire with fire. Unless your fire is much, much, bigger – and burns brightly within you.


The Hare and the Tortoise, A New Look

Let’s talk about the ancient fable, “The Hare and the Tortoise.”

Everyone is hopefully familiar with this ancient tale but — for the sake of universal clarity and a shared starting point — I will provide a brief refresher.

The hare is a fast runner. He brags about this speed and teases the tortoise, who is obviously a slow runner. Technically, a non-runner. More of a crawler. The tortoise finally tires of the incessant teasing (bullying, if you will) and challenges the hare to a race. The fox is chosen to select the course. The hare loses the race because he takes a nap and awakes too late to beat the tortoise to the finish line.

While this is attributed to Aesop, the general thematic ideas and concepts no doubt predate him. It is a tale which speaks of the true nature of human being and has origins that are very ancient. The real meaning of this fable is hidden and not as easy to discern as one might think.

What kind of hidden meaning? Good question.

The most widely held conclusion about the fable is the expression that, “slow and steady wins the race.” This is the obvious and most easily attainable interpretation.

Fables are devilishly intricate things, as they are always meant to portray the multi-layered complexity of human behavior.

This fable is particularly delightful in that regard.

While his fable — on the surface — does illustrate the general idea that persistence wins out in the end, this theme is NOT the main (hidden) idea.

This fable is a story of our individual human nature, and the internal struggles which must of necessity arise within each of us as we attempt to achieve significant results in our lives – that is to say, to win the race of living. Well, at least run it well. What constitutes “winning” is a subject for another diatribe — right now we will simply talk about this fable.

Aesop existed circa 620 to 554 BCE – that’s over 2500 years ago for those of us (including me) not good with math. Even back then, however, there was a recognition that humans possessed differing levels of intelligence.

Pythagoras, a contemporary to Aesop, believed that humans found at the Olympic Games could be classified into three categories or types – the lowest type were those who were seekers of pleasure and fame, the competitors. The next highest type were those who sought to benefit from buying and selling of goods, and the highest type were the lovers of wisdom, who came to observe the games.

Siddhartha Gautama would have been an approximate contemporary to Aesop, as he lived from 563 to 483 BCE. His ideas of the “threefold training” and the division of human being into Mind, Virtue, and Wisdom are compatible to those of Pythagoras.

Even older traditions were developed in Vedic (Indian) thought, such as Chapter 14 of the Bhagavad Gita, where the discussion concerns the “The Three Qualities of Material Nature” – which are ignorance, passion, and goodness.

If you examine the ontogenetic unfolding of our neurological system during fetal development, the human brain is clearly delineated into three distinct sections (Rhombencephalon, Mesencephalon, Telencephalon) – for the sake of illustrative brevity and as a simple tool for reference, we will label these the reptilian, mammalian, and distinctly human sections of the threefold neurological continuum.

While a more scientific rendition of this is called for (and exists in explication) you must — for this particular exposition — grant me the boon of accepting this structure as valid. Besides, using all those big words gives me a headache.

Our human being is a threefold continuum, and most of us exist within the realm of one of the triune parts of this continuum – it is the rare individual who can synthesize all three levels and emerge as an integrated human.

That is the fable’s true meaning.

The hare is that part of our human nature which is the lowest. It is pure physicality. The only thoughts at this level are survival and reproduction. The hare is the perfect symbol, as the reproductive capacities of that creature are legend; and its speed permits it to survive in the wild. But the hare has no other attribute worthy of consideration – the only thing it (he) can do is boast about the one thing he can do well – and this is not even a learned trait, it is a genetic trait – speed of foot. We won’t mention breeding prowess, but that is also innate and not acquired.

But even the genetic trait of speed is only of value if it is properly used.

It is no accident in the fable that the fox selects the course where the race will be run.

The fox has — symbolically — always represented social cunning and thinking skills designed to benefit one’s self.

If we regard the fox as the social part of our own human nature, it is that aspect which must select the course upon which we are to race with our own lives – and here the story gets a little more complex.

If we are rely solely on our genetic abilities alone (without contemplative introspection), we would always pick a course that suited our lowest nature, and such a decision — though the easiest by way of effort — would represent a minimal accomplishment. In the fable the hare was always teasing the tortoise about its lack of speed – only someone of low intelligence and minimal skills would belabor the obvious – what accomplishment is it for a hare to beat a tortoise anyway? They would win that race every time, without a doubt.

It is the natural inclination of humans to denigrate their genetic abilities though idleness and indolence – this happens if you allow the hare-aspect of your human nature to predominate.

The tortoise-aspect represents our wisdom and adaptability — it must not only subtly guide the fox-aspect in selecting a course most well-suited to our individual nature, but make the hare-aspect of our human being apply itself to achieving meaningful results. The hare-aspect represents our raw abilities, and the tortoise-aspect is the will and perseverance that puts those raw abilities to use in a manner that the fox-aspect helps devise within the world of our social reality.

However, even here the road is fraught with danger, for just as a heavy reliance on the hare-aspect will lead to bad results, a heavy reliance on the fox-aspect will lead to a result that is beneficial to the self, but without regard to the impact on others. It is only the guiding hand of the tortoise-aspect – the thoughtful and self-conscious “application” of will in reality, with an understanding of how all humans are linked — that helps the fox-aspect select the proper course upon which the hare-aspect — now being forced to actually apply itself — can unify with the other parts of human nature to achieve success.

And there you have it.

My hare nature wants a nap, my tortoise nature needs to mow the grass, and my fox nature wants you to buy a copy of my book, Exophobe.

Maybe I just need a drink…

— Enoch

It is Not About Racism

We should all be familiar with the succinct and profound military attack plan best expressed as “divide and conquer.”

It is a simple and robustly elegant strategy which is designed to splinter one’s opponent into smaller and more manageable groups incapable of uniting to deal cohesively with a common enemy.

Disorganized and isolated groups subject to such a strategy languish in malaise incapable of any unified effort.

There are many organizations in America that directly benefit from the disarray and chaos engendered by heightened racial tensions. It contributes significantly to their financial success and political power to stoke the flames of racism and — if no racism can be found — to locate kindling and build their own fire. Usually the latter.

I would like for you to examine your own life for just a moment. Slow down and think about this — we are constantly “informed” that all of us hate people on the basis of the COLOR of their skin. We are repeatedly told by those organizations noted above that we are all racists. When was the last time that you personally expressed your own bigotry, felt it from others, or witnessed others committing acts of racism?

Judging from my experiences, the answer is not very often. In truth, you have really got to be kidding me — how on earth have any of us been sucked into buying this line of carnival crap about race? Do we honestly dislike people because of the EXTERNAL color of their skin? If this is true, then why not hate people on the basis of the color of their shirt, the size of their shoes, or how they comb their hair?

We are letting the race hate-mongers and corrupt politicians control our minds. They are manipulating the electromagnetic (EM) waves — any digital signals containing data — in order to divide black, brown, white, yellow and whatever color you want to add to the mix.

Separate and equal in chaos — and useless to face the true enemy.

It is absolutely NOT the skin color of a person — not some mere external variable like that — that leads us to dislike someone. It is what lurks INSIDE the other person that repels and irritates us. It is their behavior as a direct expression of what is INSIDE that disturbs us.

What we truly hate is our animal nature.

We have been battling for tens of thousands of years to be human – and be more than human – and what we hate are humans who are NOT truly human, because they act like animals – in point of fact, they ARE animals.

And these non-humans can be any color. All colors. Color does not distinguish when it comes to bestiality.

The legends of vampires, werewolves, zombies and such are — of course — pure nonsense, but they do illustrate a simple and completely undeniable TRUTH — we fear, loathe, and hate our unrestrained animal nature. We hate those who are out of control and use no rational thought to guide their actions.

They are not human.

When heinous acts are committed by such people — be they white, brown, black, yellow, red, or purple — we face the horrible truth of our unconscious animal side. True humans do, indeed, hate and abhor the sad sight of that. It is reminder that the divide between civilization and barbarism is narrow indeed.

However — that is not racism – it has NOTHING to do with race, but only with cultural values in disarray – values that glorify sex, violence, drugs, and hate. Values with no genuine moral or ethical basis. Respect magnified to a vice.

Failure to embrace a culture that values such important things as hard work, dedication, sacrifice, virtue, honesty, family, and self-responsibility

And it affects all humans, of any race.

Trying to uphold the highest standards of human conduct with true morality and ethics – and expecting others to do the same – is NOT racism.

It’s called being a conscious human being.

If you call it racism – what is it you are really hiding? What are you really seeking?

Manipulating hate for gain is evil. Period.

End. Of. Story.


Postscript: Be sure to check out my other entry –> Losing a Culture

A love-hate-hate relationship

I have a love-hate-hate relationship with technology.

They (the same nefarious bunch that always promises to build Utopia) told us that technology would make our lives easier. Better. More fulfilling. Simplify things.

What a crock of womanure (trying to be gender-sensitive here).

How about some examples? Glad you bloody asked. Let’s talk email.

Like a lot of people, I maintain a number of different email addresses. Some are for family, some are for team sports, some are for friends, some are for business, some are for quasi-anonymous blog communications, some are for Internet commerce, et cetera, et cetera. I won’t deny the utility and helpfulness of it all. However, lately it has become a huge pain in my gluteus maximus.

I mean, just dealing with my normal, regular and expected email is time consuming. Open it, read it, ponder it, usually respond and act on it. Tiring. And that’s just the stuff you want to read, that’s not counting the stuff you have to wade through and get rid of…

Let’s talk *SPAM* — no matter how elaborate I try to construct my filters and safeguards, I get inundated with a ceaseless stream of junk mail. If every piece of email that managed to sneak past my breastworks actually did what it said, I would have my mortgage paid off, be listed prominently in Who’s Who, be more incredible in the sack, be the proud owner of hundreds of stocks which quadrupled my money, own half of Nigeria, be living without pain of any kind, be thinner, have more energy and hair and whatever ad nauseum ad infinitum. Puke.

I spend WAY too much time highlighting and deleting crap emails. You can block the sender or domain but – guess what – the SPAMMERS rotate those more than the NSA changes passwords. Email addresses are like Chinese products – cheap and plentiful.

Oh, and here’s some more great news – companies want to ramp up automation and AI, which only means you’ll get more of this crap because it’s easier to generate from the sender’s end. Just set a few parameters and let the blasted machines churn and burn.

Enough with SPAM — let me rant on legitimate sites where you actually buy something useful. Now – hidden in the effing fine print, is the fact that by purchasing that “had to freaking have” item, you are automatically subscribed to the site’s newsletter. And, oh by the way, we also sell/give our subscriber lists to other companies with products we just know you’ll love {insert sincere smile here}. Sigh.

I do have a hateful admiration for some of these businesses – they have automated algorithms that are as utterly relentless as a Terminator cyborg. They will not stop until you buy something. Or you die and get removed from the list server.

Of course, you can unsubscribe. Just means they will send you MORE emails, hoping one of them will work. It’s not a shotgun approach, it’s frelling carpet bombing.

Then – even worse – there are hackers who send you things and WANT YOU to click the “unsubscribe” button, which unleashes gawd knows what evil script, key-logger program, or Trojan jackass to invade the sanctity of your system.

Don’t even get me started on Phishing and Scamming deals.

Fug – I’m headed to the Post Office to buy some damn stamps…


P.S. Next post, we go off on text messages! Look for an e-alert. Hah.

Entertainment and Propaganda

In the digital media creation industry – most notably located in Hollywood, California but not exclusively derived from there – the producers and creators of such digital content follow one of two possible operational outcomes based on a single principle – I call it the GRASP principle.

In object-oriented programming design this is referred to as General Responsibility Assignment Software Patterns – but I am NOT using GRASP with this connotation.

For this discussion the two meanings of GRASP are based on the implied (but sometimes very subtle) outcome desired by the digital medium creation consortium producing the content.

The first operational outcome is content whose sole purpose is entertainment — with no desire to influence behavior, manipulate thoughts, or condition thinking — the principle is Getting Rich Amusing Stupid People. I say this because the vast majority of the movie-consuming populace (the producers of the digital media believe) fall to the left of mean in the Bell Curve. Not very bright. You can call me an ass and argue all day about whether the digital media creators actually endorse that perspective or not – but it is nonetheless true, and your caterwauling incessantly about it changes it not a whit.

The second operational outcome is content whose sole purpose is to influence behavior, manipulate thoughts, or condition thinking – while wrapping itself around some kind of appropriate entertainment shell. The deliberate manipulation of the electromagnetic (EM) media to either induce operant conditioning or to elicit empathic responses means Getting Rich Abusing Stupid People. Again – this is because the Elitists who are producing the digital content have a very low regard for the ultimate consumer. In addition – they own most of the businesses who will gain financially from the induced decisions of the so-called stupid people.

There has been a gradual shift in the last 10 years from digital content targeting the first operational outcome to that of the second. No matter what your level of intelligence is, you can appreciate pure entertainment. However, now what you see is that most of the digital media being churned out has a “message” carefully screened and embedded in the EM flow. And – invariably – this message supports the Progressive and Socialist causes of the Elitist – such as anthropocentric weather change, illegal immigration and amnesty, the rise of friendly machines and robotics, and the exploitation of women by men.

In the next few years you can expect to see many movies that will present these topics.

For man-made global warming (shouldn’t that be human-made global warming) you will have these themes:

Dysfunctional future where humans have destroyed the environment and must adapt

Dysfunctional future where capitalist greed has destroyed society and humans must rebuild

Brave environments battle greedy businessmen to save the world

For themes on illegal immigration and amnesty:

Heroic rise of a person(s) not native to a particular area who achieves great things in a hostile environment and helps those who once hated them – the theme will be the same but the characters and settings will vary.

The rise of friendly machines and robots (the Elitists need you to love robots and machines because they know that this technology will eliminate almost all the jobs that average people normally handle):

A robot or toy that helps a child adjust successfully to the world. Animated or real-world. A robot who develops thoughts and feelings that are “human” and is “loved” by humans.

The exploitation of women by men:

A never-ending saga and a continual fount of inspiration designed to affect weak minds conditioned to believe women are persecuted, manipulated, exploited, and abused by every male member of American culture. Look for more “entertainment” with this content.

There are a few additional side plots that cannot be ignored and ought to be mentioned.

Since humans – the Elitists want you to believe – are incapable of solving human problems, look for movies where humans receive aid from aliens, supernatural sources, or hybrid humans that are part-human apart-machine.

Aliens will no longer be a threat and menace – they will be kind, benevolent, loving and helpful. We should welcome and embrace them into our human family – no matter what they look like or believe.

The Elitists also want a global governance – one big happy human family. Despite the obviously mutually exclusive nature of the adaptive strategies currently in the world, the digital media will show a world where all things are fair and equitable. There is nothing special about America and that country will never be shown in a favorable light – in fact, most of the evils of the world can be placed at America’s doorstep – and you will see that reflected in the digital media.

The Socialists and Progressives hate individual achievement and entrepreneurial spirit – look for more movies promoting the success of groups, clusters, cooperatives, communes, the collective, and the hive. Find your place, fit in and enjoy your life. Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em. The sum is greater than the hole, more or less — mostly less.

In addition (because they somehow find funding), alternate lifestyles which are often at cross-purposes with conventional society will continue to be touted and glamorized in digital media. Despite the fact there is not a shred of evidence conclusively and irrefutably supporting the notion that certain types of behavior are genetically based, the digital media will show how many people have “no choice” and are “forced” into certain types of behavior “against their will.” In point of fact, the Socialists and Progressives don’t actually believe in free will, so this works out nicely for them.

Finally — because even the government leaders are telling us the “world is spinning out of control” you can expect a plethora of digital media about demons, vampires, demonic possession, supernatural spirits, unexplained phenomenon, and basically anything that permits the digital media creators to make a buck from encouraging chaos, confusion, and fear due to some unexplainable external source beyond human comprehension.

My parting words are simple – you really need to pay close attention to what you feed your skull. Images, video, music, and words all make a significant impact on your neuro-chemistry – they structure how you think and what you think. Garbage in, garbage out. If you are what you eat, then how you behave (output) is a function of your knowledge (input).

Make sure this is knowledge that YOU put in your brain and not something placed there by others. Stop and think and what your brain consumes – make sure your thoughts belong to you and are not being injected into your mind by others.

GRASP – Getting Real About Saving People – beginning with yourself.