The Religion of Globular Heating

Let’s talk a little about a subject that heats up the cockles of everyone’s heart – global warming.

It’s no longer supposed to be called that the true believers say – it’s “climate change.” Sounds more better because it’s impossible to deny. Of course it’s bloody impossible to deny — the bloody weather is changing every moment. Sigh.

It started as “global warming” — so I’ll use that moniker.

The apologists who embrace this dogma tout science as the basis and underlying framework within which the absolute truth of global warming is substantiated and given credence. On your knees before the altar of undeniable truth.

Cold weather, warm weather, nice weather, ice melting, ice forming, too much rain, not enough rain – the global warming climate models account for everything. It causes everything. It embraces the world.

I understand now.

The people who endorse global warming do so with the fervor of a religious fanatic. They don’t simply believe in global warming – they worship it. Such people have forsaken logic and reason for a “feeling” that global warming just has to be “true” because — you know — humans are such bad people. Climate sinners, as it were. However, be advised that faith is bad science and hoping that something is true is not a sound strategy for establishing empirical certainty. People who live on hope will die fasting, as old Ben was fond of saying.

Which provides a nice segue way to my critique of a science that is held up as the infallible and incontestable Holy Word for the global warming worshiper. The subtle need of the climate warming supplicant is fulfilled by a science that is less about empirical facts that it is about politicized opinion.

Indeed, I hate to be the one to burst their precious faith bubble, but that “science” is utterly, completely, and hopelessly inconclusive. About as reliable as Chinese drywall.

This irrefutable fact seems to have no effect what-so-freaking-ever on the resolute certitude of the true believer. The zealous adherent of global warming can mock religion as the province of the ignorant mind while endorsing and ballyhooing global warming as though it was a set of immutable facts solemnly handed down by vestment-garbed scientists who chant the Periodic Table and wave their iPads in the air.

The acolyte’s deep need for meaning in their empty lives is somehow assuaged by the thoughtless acceptance of this first convenient truth.

If you still are retaining your faith in global warming – try holding your breath for eight minutes or so. This will greatly reduce carbon dioxide emissions and should have a stimulating impact on the general level of cognitive ability in the human population.


Praise for Exophobe, a novel by D. Kenton Mellott

“This book gave me a thousand natural shocks. My outrageous good fortune to read it!”

     — An anonymous Dane


“I had no will to power off my reading device whilst absorbing Exophobe.”

     — Friedrich Nietzsche



     — Martin Heidegger


“A good read. Yet, all is nada. Nada I say. I’d rather
be hunting.”

     — Ernest H.


“I would storm the gates of the infernus to get a copy.”

     — Durante degli Alighieri


“Down the lane in prostrated ulation. Castigated as winds from bipsy bopsy gods. A book is the book of a book. Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em.”

     — J. Joyce


“I will represent myself and say that the author is not wholly rational.”

     —A. Schopenhauer


“I never liked Baltimore, but I liked Exophobe. You can quoth me on that.”

     — E.A.P.


In Exophobe, I believe Enoch has found a Fifth Way.

     — P.D. Ouspensky


I had my doubts at first, but I am now happy with Exophobe, I think…

     — Descartes


“Reading Exophobe can make you either happy or miserable. The amount of effort required is the same.”

     — Carlos Castenada


“It felt like I was meant to read this book. I dreamed
about it.”

     — Jung


“I found a typo.”

     — an editor potty-trained with a whip


“It scared the me out of me.”

     — Charles Dickens.


“I am so glad I purchased this tome. It was my finest hour.”

     — Winston C.


“You can’t read it unless you’re conscious, and you can’t be conscious unless you read it.”

     — the other Winston (think Orwell)


Exophobe drove me to drink. I haven’t thanked the
author yet.”

     — W.C. Fields


“I like this book, but I still hate quantum mechanics.”

     — Albert


“I was going to pen a wonderful review, but I’m tired and will think about it tomorrow.”

     — Margaret Mitchell


“It had so many big words!”

     — Winnie. A pooh.


“On my oath, I enjoyed this book.”

     — Hippocrates


“It damaged my calm.”

     — Jayne


“Another bourgeoisie attempt to exploit the proletariat; but I liked it.”

     — Karl


“Karl is full of crap; I did all the hard work. I liked the book as well.”

     — Engels


“Veni, vidi, vendor – I came, I saw, I bought a copy.”

     — Caesar


“You can ‘count’ me in – I liked the book. And pronounce my name correctly!”

     — Alexander Dumas


“He could have described tables better.”

     — Fyodor Dostoyevsky


“As I read the book, I was at war with my feelings, but now I am at peace.”

     — L.T.


“I can’t make you do anything, but your mother would want you to read it.”

     — Sigmund


— Enoch M.

It is Not Racism

We should all be familiar with the succinct and profound military attack plan best expressed as “divide and conquer.”

It is a simple and robustly elegant strategy which is designed to splinter one’s opponent into smaller and more manageable groups incapable of uniting to deal with a common enemy.

Disorganized and isolated groups subject to such a strategy languish in malaise incapable of any unified effort.

The Liberal, Progressive, Marxist, and Socialist Elite use racism to accomplish this against the general populace.

Slow down for just a moment and think about this — we are constantly “informed” that all of us hate people on the basis of the COLOR of their skin. We are repeatedly told by the Liberal, Progressive, Marxist, and Socialist Elite that we are all racists.

You have got to be kidding me — how on earth have any of us been sucked into buying this line of carnival crap? If this is true, then why not hate people on the basis of the color of their shirt, the size of their shoes, or how they comb their hair?

We are letting the race hate-mongers and corrupt politicians control our minds. They are manipulating the EM waves (any digital signals containing data) in order to divide black, brown, white, yellow and whatever color you want to add to the mix.

Separate and equal in chaos — and useless to face the enemy.

It is absolutely NOT the color of a person — not some mere external variable like that — that leads us to dislike someone. It is what lurks INSIDE the other person that repels and irritates us. It is their behavior as a direct expression of what is INSIDE that disturbs us.

What we truly hate is our animal nature.

We have been battling for tens of thousands of years to be human – and be more than human – and what we hate are humans who are NOT truly human, because they act like animals – in point of fact, they ARE animals.

And these non-humans can be any color. All colors. Color does not distinguish when it comes to bestiality.

The legends of vampires, werewolves, zombies and such are — of course — pure nonsense, but they do illustrate a simple and completely undeniable TRUTH — we fear, loathe, and hate our unrestrained animal nature. We hate those who are out of control and use no rational thought to guide their actions.

They are not human.

When heinous acts are committed by such people — be they white, brown, black, yellow, red, or purple — we face the horrible truth of our unconscious animal side. True humans do, indeed, hate and abhor the sad sight of that.

However — that is not racism – it has NOTHING to do with race, but only with cultural values in disarray – values that glorify sex, violence, drugs, and hate. Values with no genuine moral or ethical basis. And it affects all humans, of any race.

Trying to uphold the highest standards of human conduct with true morality and ethics – and expecting others to do the same – is NOT racism.

It’s called being a conscious human being.

If you call it racism – what is it you are really hiding?


The Invisible Lines That Link Us Together

I play baseball. Amateur (i.e., unpaid). Fast pitch. I know, it’s nuts, but there you have it.

Anyway, I’m heading out to the game and it’s across town. I’m on the highway (The Loop) and proceeding at terminal speed, which is 65 in this case.

Hang on, maybe “terminal” and “speed” should not be used in the same sentence, especially the way most people drive.

The highway is crowded because — well — it’s always crowded. People are driving 65 and 65 plus. Mostly plus, truth be told.

I begin thinking. A dangerous habit I fell into many years ago and from which extraction seems impossible. Like a tooth in the back of my head. Sorry.

I’m wondering how in the name of Vishnu, G_d, Allah, Zeus or any other deity you care to conjure does this highway driving thing even work?! It seems like it is a catastrophic event awaiting activation.

I mean – stop to ponder the situation for just a cold, clinical, detached moment – you have whizzing and hurling hunks of metal weighing close to two tons — or more — flashing by on all sides — doing the whizzing and hurtling at a startling (if you stop to ponder it) close proximity of around 5 to 6 feet or so.

And the only thing separating their car from careening madly into yours is a line.

A line PAINTED on the freaking pavement.

This whole damn highway thing ONLY works if everyone honors the lines. Sure, it’s only paint, but it might as well be invisible because it only functions if everyone believes in it. Trusts it, endorses it. Has faith in it.

The only way such high-speed driving functions smoothly is the absolute belief of all the drivers that the lines will be honored. Each driver must trust the other.

The American Government works the same way. Well, it’s supposed to…

The invisible lines for our society – for all of us living in America—should be the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.

Just like that simple paint on the highway, those documents are only printed words on pieces of paper. They have no magical reality beyond what people grant to them. And — yet — by entrusting our faith in those words, a great country was born.

What happens – however – when certain groups of people decide NOT to honor the lines?

Imagine the utter chaos that would ensue on the highway if there were drivers that ignored the lines and steered their vehicle anyway they wanted, without regard for others. The only choice in direction such drivers cared would be their own — your choices would be rendered meaningless and ignored. It would be very bad. Catastrophic indeed.

Imagine an American Government that ignores the lines and steers in any fashion it wants to without regard for anyone’s choice — then you have a much worse form of chaos.

That is because the vast majority of citizens are still using those aforementioned lines as guidance – they are honoring the invisible lines — the words of those documents — the ones that link us as Americans. When they see the Government driving haphazardly – without using the lines – there is confusion, anger, dismay.

If someone ignores the painted lines on the highway, there are consequences. There are law enforcement agencies who will pull your car over and stop you. Or, you may die in a fiery crash. Despite what Leftist-Marxist-Socialist-Progressive people want you to believe, bad choices must yield bad consequences. There is a price to pay for bad decisions — you cannot be constantly bailed out.

It’s called responsibility, integrity, honor.

Who is going to pull the Government over and stop them before they crash into citizens still honoring the invisible lines of American society? Who guards the guardians, as it were?

American functions as a cohesive society because we have a belief in ourselves and others. We trust each other in societal interactions, just as drivers trust each other on the highway. Even an atheist has to have faith in the invisible lines that provide guidance for the conduct of American affairs. When that belief falters because our leaders ignore the lines or try to redraw the lines without our consent, then we have a chaos that is not easily mended.

Without belief and faith there is no positive human action because individuals give way to despair and resignation.

Perhaps this is what the Ruling Elite desires. Citizens despair and resign. They stop driving. The roads are clear. Government can then drive anyway it wants, using any lines it wants. That is true tyranny.

The belief that the lines formed by the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights is the fundamental truth of America is critical to our continued success as a nation.

If that belief is lost, then America is lost. This is a nation built on belief in self — and others. Mistrust, retribution, dictatorship, and fear is not what we want.

If you put your faith in something and say, “I believe,” then make absolutely sure it is a belief in the right thing. Not the lies that is often held out as truth by a State that lusts only for power and control.

Honor the invisible lines which hold us together, or suffer the tyranny of others who have no such belief.

See you on the highway!


Drone This

Some people are big fans of unmanned drones in combat situations.

They think using unmanned drones will save lives, save money, and be very effective in battle.

The phrase “unmanned” isn’t strictly true (yet) because there are still humans flying the drones, using cameras and other remote sensing equipment. The people who love drones dream of the day when drones and robots comprise the military and no one needs to run them from some underground bunker.

Humans would only be needed to change the oil, so to speak.

The problem with this line of reasoning (if you can call it reasoning) is intelligence – artificial or otherwise. Sure, it’s easy to get machines to make decisions. On-Off. Either-Or. If-Not. For-Next. However – we seem to overlook the fact that any programming that goes into the operation of “artificial intelligence” is not artificial at all – it originates with humans.

Therefore, drone intelligence will not be objective, it will not be perfect, and it will have ethical and moral ambiguity running rampant throughout.

Still, the drone-lovers speak of the “singularity” – a defining moment when machines can think on their own. Companies and organizations desperately seeking your donations and support speak glowingly of a “singularity” where autonomous software (machines) can make decisions and do not rely on humans.


Unless the program writes itself without a single shred of human influence, it is not autonomous and will forever be tainted by human creation.

Unless the machine builds itself, the human influence cannot be eliminated.

Here’s a thought — instead of dreaming foolishly about some messianic “singularity” in machine intelligence, how about we try and raise the level of human cognitive reasoning and general intelligence?

I could drone on and one about that, but I’ll stand down now…



Observations from the Rubble


I was on Twitter for a short while but, after a careful examination, I quit. It just struck me that doing the Tweet thing was like watching thousands – millions – of people performing mental masturbation. Once that imagery was in my head, I gave up on communicating in 144 characters to reach all the DDA people. Worse part – I’m one of those people!

Or, to put it another way –

4COL, WCA — I mean LABATYD, so WTF, it’s JMO but WGAS, YKWIM? Anyway, I think it was AFT and TYHI. *

You feelin’ me, dawg?


Why is it that people who commit horrific murder sprees – with any weapon – are invariably described by their neighbors as “gentle,” ”quiet,” “loner,” or that they “seemed like such a nice person.” I’m thinking that if these are clues to aberrant behavior, then my neighborhood is a dangerous place full of such people!


Batteries and AC adapters have to be one of worst scams ever perpetrated on the American public. Think about it – you have all these devices that rely on batteries that simply don’t last for crap, forcing you to buy more batteries. And – over time – you also end up with a boxes full of AC adapters, which are only worth a damn if you have an electrical outlet. Hey, plug it into the car, assuming you’re in the stinking car. Or, get rechargeable batteries. Yeah, they don’t suck much, and you still need an electrical outlet. Or, use the solar charge version. Puke – great if you have 10 hours of sun to charge the effing things. The year is 2014 and no one can invent a decent battery!? Or – more likely – why would anyone want to? Then they can’t make billions selling you freaking batteries.


“…if truth is too complex and frightening; the taste for the truth is an acquired taste that few acquire.” — Martin Buber, Philosopher, (1878 — 1965)


How fickle are pirates — the difference between a friend and a fiend is just an “r.” Think about it.


I was listening to some radio special and on comes Franklin D. “Mr. Progressive” Roosevelt’s statement where he says “…the only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.” What a load of horse crap that is. There was plenty to fear back in FDR’s day (and ours) – a great many very real and tangible things – and to say you only have “fear” to worry about is like saying it’s all in your head. Just think nice thoughts and it will all be okay. Let the State handle it – don’t worry, be happy. What an unmitigated manipulator – no wonder the modern-day Progressives love the guy – they don’t want you to fear them or their policies – just fear the fear. Better yet, just smoke that doob and smile the fear away.


I’m sorry, but I find it terribly amusing to hear the global warming people rant about their beliefs. They will mock religious faith and tell you with absolute certainty that God does not exist, yet embrace completely inconclusive and non-substantive evidence about global warming and defend it as absolute truth. Consider this — if you think global warming affects all weather, good or bad, then you don’t believe; you worship. You are a fanatic, a zealot, a jihadi, a sycophant – at least be honest with yourself.


Speaking of global warming, try this. If you truly worship at the altar of global warming, then hold your breath for ten minutes. This will reduce carbon emissions and have a stimulating positive effect on the general cognitive functioning levels of the human population.


“Freedom of Choice” only means that we protect the freedom to make choices in an environment where such choices are not coerced or forced. Choices have consequences for each individual (bad or good) — and those outcomes are not protected…


“…a civilization that feels guilty for everything it is and does will lack the energy and conviction to defend itself.” — Jean-François Revel

If you are unfamiliar with Jean-François Revel, then you need to educate yourself with this man and his ideas. Do the due. Diligence.


“The first method for estimating the intelligence of a leader is to look at the people around him.” — N Machiavelli


A real leader follows the rules within the organization he or she leads and energizes people to do the same. That is what makes him or her a true “ruler.” A tyrant – lacking such collective support – uses individual mandate and personal fiat to circumvent the rules and coerce people to follow.


Read this — it is short, but very “sweet” — Henry David Thoreau (July 12, 1817 – May 6, 1862) — his essay on Civil Disobedience. Check the link at


You cannot grant amnesty for overtly illegal acts when legal procedures were available to avoid the outcome of the illegal action. A citizen is not merely a warm body – it is someone who understands, adopts, and believes in the values of the society they are entering as citizens. You shed your old life for a new one — that is not happening.


Consider the mass-market music, film, and entertainment industries. Not teaching. Not educating. Not informing. Just catering to the barbarians to make a buck. Talk about abusing the EM waves to pick the pockets of stupid people. Sad.


Am I the only one who has noticed that vanilla wafers are half their normal size? And some chocolate maker wants to sell you chocolate with air holes blown into it. To enhance the taste? Really? You’re going to give me LESS chocolate, call it wonderful, and then charge me more money!? Are we idiots? Don’t answer that.


I’m lost. I just heard “thug” cannot be used in polite conversation. Same for “fag.” Neither word has – in etymological actuality — any connection whatsoever to the people apparently irritated by these words. The historical basis of those words is long-established and it has nothing to do with the groups complaining so loudly and vociferously. Sad.


* For the text-messaging impaired this means: “For crying out loud, who cares anyway – I mean life’s a bitch and then you die, so what the fudge, it’s just my opinion and who gives a scat, you know what I mean? Anyway, I think it was about freaking time and there you have it.”


Shoot to Kill


Anyone who plays computer games knows what that means.

First person shooter.

Such games are exciting, compelling, addictive, cleansing.

In a properly constructed software world you spend your time running, jumping, climbing, crawling, sneaking, and otherwise making your harried way through varied environments in maddening attempts to survive (usually by finding ammunition and health) – dispatching with great haste your many foes throughout the entire process. With knives, shotguns, rifles, pistols and even a BFG should you be lucky enough to locate one!

Better have those fast twitch muscles in tip-top shape.

But, I don’t want to talk reaction times, keyboard configurations, game controllers, or character mods.

I want to talk about the foes in those games. Who is your enemy?

Most traditional FPS games have enemies that are easily recognizable as bad — evil. We have no remorse against wiping them out. They deserve to be eradicated. Kind of like fire ants.

Nazis. Evil aliens. Mutant life forms. Agents of an evil corporation bent on world destruction. Zombies.

The games are fun. Well, they used to be fun.

Something insidious has happened lately, however, and no one seems to have noticed.

The games that are being produced now just don’t seem like games to me.

Urban warfare. Modern weapons. Battling through industrial complexes. Extremely realistic environments and vehicles. Real-time satellite imagery. Drones. Terrorists. Bomb-making. Massive cooperation among many players to achieve common goals.

We are not being entertained.

We are being trained. Prepped for confrontation.

This idea is not new. It was used to make a campy old movie in 1984 called “The Last Starfighter.” Orson Scott Card offered a variation on this theme in his book “Ender’s Game” in 1985.

The newest twist – though – is very subtle and very powerful.

The battlefields of the future will be fought in exactly the same way our games are controlled now – young people sitting in a isolated and remote room thousands of miles from the actual battle, manipulating their robotic or cybernetic forces with impunity, without fear, remorse, or human feeling.

Using neural interfaces which essentially meld mind and matter to allow instantaneous control over your forces.

Brainwave pattern recognition. Robotics. Satellite communications. Artificial intelligence. Genetic manipulation. New forms of advanced electromagnetic weaponry. These are the areas where focus is being placed now – these are the areas where the real research money goes.

So, the next time you are the lone survivor in your MMP online game, or your cooperative team dominates play, or your score is ridiculously high – consider that your name has now been added to a list of potential recruits.

A watch list.

THEY (whoever you think they may be) can track every purchase made with your credit cards. They know what you watch on television, what music you listen to and what books you read. They know what websites you visit and how long you stay there. The GPS in your phone and car tells them where you have been and where you are. Every text message is carefully logged. Emails live forever. Every digital action has an equal reaction. You are an open book.

Tracking your progress in a video game and noting your achievements is child’s play.

Or – possibly – I am merely being slightly paranoid, but that might be because I’m damn good at those kind of games.

Hold on – someone is banging on my door…

The Idolatry of the State

Any government — the State to simplify the reference — can rule wisely if it listens to the People. Whether it is Liberal or Conservative, Democratic or Republican, Capitalist or Socialist is a moot point — as long as the State follows the Will of the People and acknowledges the validity of the idea that consent is granted FROM the governed, government will function correctly. All is well. Maybe not in Denmark, but in America.

You have a problem when the State takes deliberate steps to influence the People by manipulating communications in a conscious attempt to shape information-bearing electromagnetic waves (i.e., audio, visual, subliminal, et cetera) in order to force behavioral modifications.

Think about control of any digital signal whatsoever. Might as well toss in efforts to control analog channels of communication as well. Facts is facts.

Let’s talk about idols.

A reliable definition of “idol” can be stated as –

a representation or symbol of an object of worship

The key concept to bear in mind here is exactly what is conveyed by the word “symbol,” and I say this because the State — and the politicians that attempt to lead us — rely heavily on the use of symbols to influence and control the behavior of Citizens.

The State desires that you endorse idols and worship them. In this way, you lose sight of Truth and are easy to manipulate. Confusion breeds inaction, and the States wants Citizens that do nothing. The State loves nãda. Stagnation is the State’s best friend.

You must be wary and cautious when you listen to anything the State says — their use of symbols as idols always involves some small sampling of the Truth to entice you to worship — to tempt you, to draw you in, to bind you to the storyline.

Let me give you some examples.

The State wants unqualified amnesty for illegal immigrants, so it shows you images of ragged, unkempt, poverty-stricken families of indeterminate racial origin, knowing it will evoke feelings of empathy — how can you possibly deny the warmth and security of a State hug to these poor people?

Power to the State. Worship the idol.

The State wants healthcare for everyone. They tell you it will be free. That is a lie, so then they tell you it will be really, really, low cost. Everyone will be covered. It will be Utopia. No one will have to pay — though the State seems to have given little thought to the part about who actually does pay. No matter — how can you not embrace fairness and love for all humans?

Power to the State. Worship the idol.

The State wants to end violence. The only way to do this is to eliminate guns in the possession of private citizens. It will make everyone safer since only the State will have guns and — of course — you can trust the State to take care of you. Your best interest always lies at the heart of everything the State does. The public good is important to the State.

Power to the State. Worship the idol.

The State assures us that all of the people that run the State are very smart people. These smart people really know how to spend your money properly. Private companies always embezzle your money or cheat you. Citizens need to relinquish control of their finances, banking, and credit and let the State handle such things so the Citizen can focus on enjoying the richness of their full and carefully regulated lives.

Power to the State. Worship the idol.

The State wants to protect each and every Citizen from terror and other horrible things. The only way to accomplish this is to monitor the bad people. Except the State is not entirely clear on who the bad people are, so the only prudent thing to do is monitor the communications, thoughts, and actions of all Citizens. The only way to be sure, you know?

Power to the State. Worship the idol.

The State believes individual humans cannot be relied upon to make intelligent decisions. Citizens — left to their own devices — tend to think only of themselves and their immediate family with absolutely no thought or concern for the group, the collective, the masses, the hive, the commune. Selfishness — unless you are a dedicated and extremely hard-working member of the State — is frowned upon and discouraged. The State is exempt from this and all similar rules…

Power to the State. Worship the idol.

The State acknowledges that evil is a problem in the world. The State believes evil is when people make choices that benefit themselves to the detriment of others. This is caused by free will and freedom. If free will and freedom are curtailed and controlled, then people cannot make evil choices that benefit only themselves. After that, the State can make sure all resources are evenly distributed regardless of talent, skill, work ethic, knowledge, merit, or actual accomplishments. Mediocrity is okay — as long as it is global.

Power to the State. Worship the idol.

The State firmly believes that America is not exceptional. It is simply one country among all the others. The Declaration of Independence is a quaint and old-fashioned statement of human aspiration that does not have any significance in the hip and savvy high-tech 21st century. The Constitution was written in the 18th century by slave-owning, rich white people and — therefore — could not have any relevance whatsoever for non-white, non-rich, people. The modern and progressively-minded State will take care of you and see to your needs — you do not have to endure the terrible stress of striving to achieve meaningful results in your life. Life is not measured by productivity, but by the joy you feel each day as you play on your digital devices.

Power to the State. Worship the idol.

The State believes religions are useful for keeping the barbarians in order and the Citizens in check, but have no basis in fact or reality. However, the State loves Islam because it is remarkably similar in concept to how the State wishes to operate. Sharia law is the will of Allah and — therefore — may not be contested. What government wouldn’t want that? In Islam, you must submit completely to the will of Allah — well, actually you submit to the hadiths, rules, regulations, and proclamations of the imans, mullahs, clerics, and other bureaucrats who are Allah’s representatives here on earth. The State wants to be regarded in the same way, so the State will try to use religion — especially Islam — to further its own agendas.

Power to the State. Worship the idol.

The State does not want a mobile society. Therefore, it is in the best interest of the State to discourage travel. The State will make traveling by air a miserable experience. The State will make the cost of petroleum-based fuel prohibitive for land-based travel. The State will create “electric” cars with limited range. It will attempt to create self-contained communities on the local level that require no mobility — you are “self-contained.” Highways will have checkpoints, road blocks, security screening, and other detriments to travel. Your blood, fingerprints, and DNA can be taken by force at the whim of State officials. Mass transit is best so that individuality is discouraged

Power to the State. Worship the idol.

The State abhors competition. The State believes that competition is bad because it creates “winners” and “losers” and the latter group has self-esteem issues. Everyone should get a gift at the birthday party. There should be no such thing as “first place” prizes, but only “participation” awards. Striving to be better than others at anything is selfish and goes against the will of the collective. This attitude ultimately benefits the State because the Citizens gradually come to embrace a one-party political system and the tyranny of a supposedly benign dictatorship. The needs of the many and all that sophist doublespeak.

Power to the State. Worship the idol.

You cannot listen to what the State says, but watch what it does. The State will say it believes in “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” but the State thinks that people who work hard and are dedicated to individual success are selfish and detrimental to the success of the collective. The State knows that intelligent people have a significantly higher probability of being successful and that they can achieve a level of success where they do not require the State for anything. The State — believing this — does everything it can to prevent people from attaining intelligence. Schools do not teach people HOW to think, but WHAT to think. The entire culture is designed to entertain the mass of Citizens, not enlighten them. Ignorance is Strength. Ignorance is Bliss.

Power to the State. Worship the idol.

Do not worship at the altar of the State. Your submission to the will of the State will result in the loss of your self-determining self-hood and you will become nothing but an addict dependent on your next State financial “fix” to feed, clothe, and shelter yourself. Primarily because you have been convinced by the State that the life is unfair, capitalism is wrong, and attempts to do things for yourself are doomed to failure — and are, of course, intrinsically selfish. Without the State, success is impossible, so why even try?

Do not be made into a victim or an addict — embrace challenge, face adversity, overcome and succeed in life by your own efforts or in cooperation with like-minded individuals. Do not succumb to the temptations of a State that promises freedom at the price of your servitude to the will of the State.

A slave is only as free as the master permits it.

Worship as you will — but absolutely not the State.


Of Originals and Duplicates

This was submitted to the DFTW site by a guest commentator — as opposed to an uncommon tater, or a Richard Tater — and I thought some of you might find it interesting.



So, I just re-watched the Farscape episode “Eat Me” (I’ve seen all of the Farscape series), but couldn’t remember if the show later addressed the question of which John Crichton was the actual “original.”

The whole split-Crichton plot sequence was never a favorite of mine, despite Farscape being near and dear to me. Out of a desire to reacquaint myself, I searched the Net for the answer — I had thought that Harvey would only exist in the “real” Crichton (which would have at least been clever.) Why I torture myself in this manner I will never know, but gentle reader, beware public discussions on quote philosophical unquote issues raised in television shows.

I will try to refrain from links, but a not insignificant portion of the Farscape fanbase — at least those which post in forums (which admittedly is not saying much) — seem to favor the notion of “two identical and original” John Crichtons because that was the explanation given in “Eat Me”, despite this making no frelling sense, not even for a microt.

The premise that there can be “two originals” — or that an exact copy is in fact the SAME as the original — is Stark-raving mad (yeah, the bad pun was deliberate). This is really not a hard concept to grasp. Let’s examine it logically — an object in space does not exist in two places — the fact that there is a quantity of X+1 means that for every +1 we have a new and unique object, irrespective of how “identical” it is to the previous iteration. If I have five identical< apples (meaning absolutely no differences), they are not all the SAME apple merely because they are identical — there are five separate frelling apples.

A conscious mind is no different because it thinks, speaks, and provides an emotional attachment. If anything, you should be outraged at the very notion of “two originals” since it is total betrayal of any concept of individual identity. Don’t be assimilated. The person who is reading this article is READING (i.e., the experience of reading) this article — having an experience attached to their particular mind and body, sensing, perceiving, and thinking from their reality. A CONSCIOUSNESS (that’s a NOUN and an incomplete sentence). They are not experiencing “reading this article” from my perspective or from the person sitting next to them or from the perspective of Ben Browder and whether this experience is delivered via physical or metaphysical phenomenon is irrelevant.

A being, a soul, a mind, a consciousness — is having the experience of reading this article — call it what you will. Would you call the Borden twins in The Prestige the “same person (as it is strongly implied that Borden used Tesla’s machine)?” And are we to actually accept the premise that Angier is not a monster because he’s only killing himself every time he uses Tesla’s machine – though in fact he’s killing a new (and now unique) human being every time.

I found this comment on a related YouTube video (Spartan043):

“A copy is a copy. Even an identical one would still be a different person. I believe that if you immediately replace all the matter in the human body, or upload a mind/copy a person and destroy the original, you disrupt the neuronal gestalt that makes up the human consciousness. [author's note: the rest of this comment is not relevant to this discussion, but a valid observation.] Perhaps if you slowly replaced the cells in the body with nanomachines that adopted the exact same structure as the cells they were replacing, you could attain immortality and keep your consciousness intact. Perhaps.”

Now this is all very aside from the fact that “two originals” is a totally nonsensical concept. Anything is “original” from the moment of duplication, but there is always an ORIGINAL / ORIGINATOR. For example, let’s take those damn apples again. Let’s pretend we have ONE apple and duplicate it. Now we have an ORIGINAL and a COPY.

Apple A, ORIGINAL — Apple B, COPY

Apple B is not an “ORIGINAL” just because it is an exact duplicate. By the very DEFINITION of ORIGINAL and COPY, Apple B is a COPY; it does not go backward in time and space and “replace” Apple A. Apple B does not consume, assume, or exist within the same space of Apple A.

Now let’s COPY Apple B again.


If we copy Apple A again, then:

Apple A, ORIGINAL — Apple B, COPY, ORIGINATOR of APPLE C — Apple C, COPY — Apple D, COPY

And even if by some effing miracle of science we can allow our conscious minds to experience existing in multiple bodies — where we sit in some kind of conscious command center where we stream our thoughts into body husks, we are still a SINGULAR ENTITY having that experience. We might conceptualize creatures who have decentralized or distributed experiences — but this would be totally alien to our understanding of reality — incomprehensible — humans will never have any idea what that would be like without losing our individual identity and dying in the process.

There are two scenarios which could have occurred in the Farscape episode of “Eat Me” when Chiana, D’Argo, and Crichton are “duplicated.” In both scenarios, we start with the fact that Chiana, D’Argo and Crichton are hit by Kaarvok (that’s the bad guy)’s bubble duplicating beam.

Scenario A:

The original is preserved in the process and is copy/split/duplicated as one additional individual.

Scenario B:

The original is destroyed, either in total or by means of degradation or corruption, in the process and is copy/split/duplicated into two (new) individuals.

If Scenario A is true, then one of the two Crichtons is the original Crichton who hailed from the planet Earth. The “other” Crichton was created on Leviathan Rovhu, a new, unique, sapient creature with an identical physiological and psychological make-up of the original John Crichton — but nonetheless a SEPARATE entity having its own unique ongoing experience. You could even say ALIEN because he is extraterrestrial.

If Scenario B is true, then Farscape freaking ended with the episode of “Eat Me” because three of the main characters freaking died (and you should stop watching.) In this case, we have TWO copies EACH of Chiana, D’Argo, and Crichton. The “originals” were destroyed and we should have no emotional attachments to these new and different creatures, and the screenwriters should all be shipped to Rura Penthe.

I choose to believe in Scenario A (and skip all the Talyn-Crichton episodes) and furthermore believe the surviving Crichton is the original, if for no other reason than literary integrity / Literary Momentum (a topic for another time). I like this quote I found from a sensible Farscape fan (IndyJones1023):

“I think the one born on Earth survived. Since the writers had (IMHO) the clone get jiggy with Aeryn, it would be the culmination of a crush. By having the clone do the deed, we are still rooting for our original hero — who has yet to get the girl. Plus, they killed the clone, and some tickle down in your heart just wouldn’t sit well with that notion. From a writing POV, the real Crichton must be the survivor.”

John Weldon’s “To Be” video should be required watching for all of humanity, because an improper understanding of consciousness, notably from anyone in any position of power or authority — especially in the fields of advancing science — is downright chilling.

Honestly, the real problem here was caused by the writers of this episode and the ongoing plot with two Crichtons in some attempt at being deep or clever. There is supposed to be some moral, ethical and/or intellectual dilemma here and except for the slow/dim-witted, there is none. For anyone with self-awareness, these “problems” have simple answers.

My only conclusion that would account for so many people believing in the idea that a person’s identity can simultaneously exist in two different bodies and that somehow both people are the “real deal” (utterly insane) is that they, themselves, are not self-aware but are, in fact, very sophisticated (biological) Turing machines. What other possible explanation can there be? These people must have no self-awareness at all — whatever reality they experience from day-to-day is totally lost upon them so it is easy for them to argue that a duplicate of themselves would also be “themselves.”

That is not just sad – it is downright frightening.

A Lover’s Dream

He was dreaming.

That had to be it. He remembered some of his Shakespeare –

To sleep, perchance to Dream; Aye, there’s the rub,
That makes Calamity of so long a life:

He did not feel like his life was a calamity. However, he was indeed old – he was completely aware of that fact and wore it like a pair of tattered shoes that his mind told him to throw away but his heart forbade him to do – yes, he was old and he was dreaming.

Yet the dreams had such a sweet feel of warm reality about them that it shook him, made him despair — made him thrill with life — even as he knew it had to be a dream.

He was in his bed.

He could smell the fresh and crisp sheets, almost feel their velvet and familiar embrace. There was a low sound in the distance, it must be the constant undulating hum of the air conditioner swirling around his mind. Other sounds, sometimes distant, sometimes close at hand.

He was in his bed.

He reached for her. The great joy of his life, his companion, his friend, and his lover; the woman whose love he had worked so long and hard to win — and to keep.

He reached across the bed, searching for her hand, but he could not find it. Could not feel the warmth and happiness of her touch, thrill to the gentle squeeze she would give his gnarled fingers, beaten down by time, but not yet beaten.

She was not there.

Tears streamed down his eyes. He tried to turn his head to see. Perhaps she was there, but just out of reach – but he could not turn his head. There was a dazzling bolt of pain, then he sighed. I am dreaming, dreaming. Oh, where is she, where is my love? He slept.

He was in his bed.

She sat on the edge of the bed. The traffic had been terrible and she was late. She was never late. She sat on the edge of the bed and took her lover’s hand. Her companion and friend for a lifetime – she took his wizened old hand and wrapped her bent fingers around it.

He was in his bed.

He reached once again for his wife and there she was. He held her hand tightly, oh so tightly. She was always there for him – her kindness and love the constant reminder of the basic decency of human life. Of my life. She squeezed his hand and he smiled. The tears that came now were shed in joy and happiness.

He was in his bed.

She looked with love upon the face of the old man. She wondered at the tears on his cheek. She cried and dreamed of love.