Okay, let me toss out something which you may — or may not — completely agree with. Here it is — every activity you do that involves processing external stimuli can influence, structure, and modify your brain chemistry.

In essence, your brain changes throughout your conscious day. Every moment of the day. Constantly.

In other words, every time you listen to music, watch television, play a video game, read a book or talk to your mom — you are changing your brain chemistry.

Even reading this blog entry is having an effect on your brain chemistry by activating — or not activating — certain neuro-transmitters. There are a number of them, but I am primarily concerned with dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine. They correspond to the triadic nature of human being. We’ll visit and revisit this topic over a series of future posts.

Anyway, here’s the scary part — there are bad people who are well-aware of the fact brain chemistry can be willfully manipulated. They are trying hard to sell you something that is not really beneficial for you — be it music, movies, books, television shows, products; anything. They also want to deliberately manipulate electromagnetic (EM) waves in an attempt to generate neurotransmitter dependence from you.

They want to make an addict of you.

Such ill-mannered folks would make it so your brain has to have certain kinds of induced stimuli in order that you feel “good.” Could be hours spent updating your social media pages; could be playing some massive multi-player game to accumulate enough gold to upgrade something or other; could be watching some plot-less movie with visually stunning special effects; could be reading a book which happens to be part of a series that never freaking ends.

Or — far worse and much more disturbing — they (the nefarious others) want to turn you into a non-reflective zombie simply responding to external stimuli and not really consciously involved in the thinking process at all. Don’t contemplate or be self-reflective about what you are doing — they require this of you — just pay us to permit you to keep doing it.

Do not let others manipulate the EM waves to fill your mind with thoughts, ideas, and opinions. Study, research, reflect, ponder and come to your own conclusions. Strive to control your own brain chemistry by keeping an equal footing within the three basic realms of human life — physical, social, and logical (higher-order thinking).

Dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine can be consciously utilized by you for seriously cool benefits — but you must be active and not passive in the attempt.

Next post will be about foods and activities you can do to increase neurotransmitter levels for a more holistic life.

Thanks for the temporary use of your cortex !!!

Enoch. July 2019

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